Will better use of your Left or Right brain make you more successful in Life?

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Many of us lose hope and motivation very fast thinking that they are not smart enough like most successful people. Some even blame it on the inability to use their right or left side of brain effectively or maybe, that they are naturally weak.

According to an article in Havard medical school by Robert H. Shmerling, MD

According to conventional wisdom, people tend to have a personality, thinking style, or way of doing things that is either right-brained or left-brained.
Those who are right-brained are supposed to be intuitive and creative free thinkers. They are “qualitative,” big-picture thinkers who experience the world in terms that are descriptive or subjective. For example, “The skies are gray and menacing; I wonder if it’s going to rain?”
Meanwhile, left-brained people tend to be more quantitative and analytical. They pay attention to details and are ruled by logic. Their view of the weather is more likely, “The forecast said there was only a 30% chance of rain but those cumulonimbus clouds will probably bring thunder as well as rain.”
A popular book first published in 1979, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, extends this concept. It suggests that regardless of how your brain is wired, getting in touch with your “right brain” will help you see — and draw — things differently.
These notions of “left and right brain-ness” are widespread and widely accepted. But they may also be wrong.

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In light of the afore-mentioned points it is thus argued that success is related to how one uses his left or right brain, however reality proves otherwise-here are some few points:

Work smart / patience: to succeed, you must work smart and be patience. Working smart in steemit means to benchmark what successful people are doing , follow them, learn from them and brand yourself to be better. This will surely lead to your success , however you have to have patience ie do not hurry to make money ASAP rather concentrate on learning and fun aspect of what you are doing and money will gradually come.

Learn from mistakes: In my former post : How Failure can Help you be more successful on Steemit and in your daily life see here I indicated how learning from your failure or mistakes will help you succeed in life. Therefore, without thinking of left or right brain, most of us will agree that learning from failure will help you be more successful.

Investing money: In steemit, for example, investing in steem and powering up (Steem power) is the top secret to succeeding on the platform. Reason is that , the more steem power you have, the more successful you are here on steemit ( Curation rewards, author rewards , delegation payments, interest payments ,more respect in the community) . Therefore even if you do not think of your left of right brain and their functions, try to buy (any amount you can afford) steem and power up in order to be relevant here and thus succeed faster.

Do you agree? Send in your comments and or experiences about this issue. Resteem in order to reach more people and upvote to send in your support.

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I agree with your view point ie brain side does not really matter rather the individuals ability to work smart, invest money (steem power for steemit platform) , communicate with others and learn from failures. You analysed it well, thanks for sharing this educative post. Upped 100%

Good point, that was the point raised in this post...thanks for your comment

Steemit is a great platform for intelligent folks to show the power of their cognitive abilities to creat a nitch from their inert abilities. Left or right brain noth withstanding, patience, and learning to be the best is panacea to success here as such I couldn't agree more with your assertions. You just earned my 100% upvote.
Keep such coming

Very good comment indeed, I agree

obviously, right is the correct answer, right ?

Why? can you elaborate?

that's a joke

brain side does not matter. cause there is no differences in brain sides.
its just virtually put.
everything that is able to do with the left hemisphere can be done with the right and vise verca.
you also won't even need a complete half of your brain. but it will be not running in full power when deactivating one half of it.
but its part of how dolphins are used to sleep. they shut off one side of the brain and let the other running. switching sides the next time when rest.
works quite well. but will take a lot of practice through meditation to achieve this abilty.

good luck everyone!!!

Good point indeed..wow it will be great if we can use our brain part like dolphnes while sleeping haha

Personally I approach the entire Steemit experience with having a VISION instead of a thought-made plan. Having said that, creating too much of a thought-made road map not only shuts us close towards getting to that goal in wondrous and unexpected ways, but also do potential curveballs have the potential to catch us off guard and paralyze us due to our thorough thought-made plan not having calculated that unexpected obstacle. The perfect plan is actually not having a plan, because only this way we can always flexibly adapt to no matter what is thrown at us!

Even more, if we lay our entire hope for fulfillment into one future moment we neglect the beauty of the myriads of moments on the pathway! Our entire leverage is in the Now and shares a symbiotic relationship with our Heart. The Art lies in the He-Art. Everything is possible. It lies WITHIN. Let go the comparison is best. We are all unique.

Personally, I love Manna. Because everyone who registers gets Manna for free on a weekly basis. This is the perfect answer against unequality. There is this deep belief that we have to deserve money by working. My stance is that we all deserve to get rewarded simply for being here on this planet.

Thanks for your thought-provoking piece!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good view point however equal payment can lead to laziness ie some group relaxing and benefiting from those doing the whole job isnt it?

Well, it is their goal to create a Universal Basic income. True Laziness doesn't exist from my viewpoint. Laziness is a temporary by-product of not having found yet what fulfills us within on the one hand, discontent and disagreement with the system on the other. "Laziness" thus is a product of unequality. Doing nothing is a necessary step at some point to unplug from the working-to-death attitude which many don't get out of, and if they make it out at their later stage of life they are so worn out that they cannot do anything anymore.

Of course we are all free to have our own perspective with no judgement.

Good point ,thanks for your comment

Agree post and agree....pretty cool how you tied it into being successful on SteemIt. A once and still famous man said.

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Can anyone guess which successful person said this statement???

Sound like Micheal Jordan...good point indeed, thanks for your comment

Yes, nice job.

I think you should not care about it as much and just study as hard as you can :)

only hard work gets you riches

not lazyness and hoping

Point, which was raised in the article too...

These notions of “left and right brain-ness” are widespread and widely accepted. But they may also be wrong

Like the article put, "they may be wrong or right. " the fact is, we shouldn't give ourself more trouble trying to think of which part of our brain we are trying to use because to me they are both the same.

Instead, we should learn to be smart: invest any amount we can afford to have more steem power, learn what the successful ones are doing, learning from our mistakes too...

You analysed it well...keep steeming to more success

The left side has different functions than the right wing
But in the end, every human being has a proportion of intelligence that is different from the other
Intelligence is the brain that drives the brain

Point however if you read the whole article you will see the bigger picture

Well thanks for the alert I will re-read it well


i was about sayin before your first point made the point of call : Working smart with Patience is the way , the through way.

Good point, that is the main thing and for here, steem power

that´s so tru, lefthander people are more artist, righthander are more mathmatics, but the firs are more smarts

Point however there is a bigger picture in it

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When I earn rewards, I power up, is this the same thing, or are you saying I should actually buy steem power with fiat?

I would assume that it is. A little fiat might give you a needed boost, though.

i think use balancing brain :)
brain in the middle :)

interesting article. Thank you

Strongly agree with all your points
Without failure one can never learn how to deal with success ...
Being patient in every field of life is necessary for happy life ..

We are not thought, We are thinker of our thoughts. My thought are illusion ;)

Nice Content

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Nice info @53 votes

What is nice about the post, bot?

This is educative and inspiring

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wao good

I, personally, am definitely more right-brain oriented than left-brain, but I do well in math and the sciences as well. I'm a software engineer by trade, and math/science are both necessary skills in accomplishing the designing and writing of software. In fact, the greatest software developers will be blessed with both creative and math/scientific skills at their disposal. So, I can do well here if I post good artistic content, reach out to others, upvote them, and leave good, thoughtful comments on their posts.

And, I could succeed with science-oriented (left brain) posts as well as with artistic (right brain) content posts if I follow those same basic, necessary rules for success.

A lot of people, I think, may only see Steemit as a platform for the bevy of artistic types, (that are very plentiful), and may feel like it's too difficult to do well without possessing those kinds of talents. What they usually miss though, is the fact that even the artistic types need to have their stuff noticed, before they'll be getting upvotes on their content. In that regard, there is absolutely no advantage to the right brain Steemians over those who are left brain. To succeed, each must first make a solid effort, using the basics of upvoting, taking time to make good, relative comments, resteeming good content, etc., and making new friends while doing so.

I will take into account what you say in this post. Thank you!

What is nice about the post, bot?

I agree that investing in Steem Power is the most important secret to succeed on the platform.

I wonder what they say about people with both sides equal.

Omg, that mean I am a right brained thinker..
One day even I ll be a successful blogger...Anyway I heard from someone that their is nothing such called right or left brain...Because whatever we think or do it's done from one side and thus we don't have any such...Anyway it's a awesome post...Cool..Love from India Jai Hind Vande Mataram

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hello good post to me I love Albert Einstein, I'm an artist of realistic drawing if you like art goes through my block


Excellent. Thank you very much for your sharing with us! :) Lovey weekend my dear Steemians :)

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend and a happier and healthy life. :)12496345_941103145996775_1769863017240005945_o.jpg

Very good post, regardless of our brain capacity, we must have an objective focus on what we can do and achieve to achieve success overcoming weaknesses and setbacks. We are all smart, we just have to be clever to prove it.
I would be pleased to have your support in my publications. Thank you.

I like the last part of the excerpt of Robert's article:

These notions of “left and right brain-ness” are widespread and widely accepted. But they may also be wrong.

Whether left or right-side of the brain, an individual has the sole responsibility of deciding on what comes into his or her mind-- and basically how he or she utilises the brain as an asset for achieving success.

To me, the discovery of the left-side or right-side of the brain was only to serve as a scientific explanation for some of our actions, with special consideration of our temperaments or personalities; and not as a determinant of our success in life. Success has its principles, and if we ever become successful in life, as well as on Steemit; we must practically live by these axioms of success.

Truly, everybody cannot be a sanguine, melancholic, or as the case may be. But I do know that the only qualification or prerequisite for success, is to be determined-- being resolved to doing what success demands.

Thanks for sharing @charles1 this informative and inspiring post. You're on point.

Los hábitos de éxito son fundamentales a la hora de triunfar en la vida y en cualquier proyecto que emprendamos. Nuestro uso de los hemisferios cerebrales, dotarán de ciertas características ha estos hábitos que los harán más o menos efectivos.

Success habits are fundamental when it comes to triumph in life and in any project we undertake. Our use of the cerebral hemispheres will endow certain characteristics with these habits that will make them more or less effective.

hola amigo! voy empezando, tambien quiero tener éxito y pensar inteligente