Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio - Episode 56- MKULTRA and Vaccine Awareness in South America

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Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio returns. After a long period of absence with some large roller coaster rides in between podcasts, Carlita has returned and interviews an alternative health activist from South America. Carlita's guest, Petronio spent time working with alternative cancer cure doctors and health entrepreneurs with spreading their messages of health awareness solutions and the danger of vaccines in Ecuador. He worked as a Spanish translator on a high profile interview, which reached mainstream Ecuadorian radio and television on the dangers of the H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine. Petronio has been suffering the repercussions for years since the consequences of this information hitting mainstream news in Ecuador and his colleague had lost his life. This year, Petronio was kidnapped and tortured three times in the space of a few months.

A hefty price for campaigning to raise public health awareness to the Ecuadorian media, on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccines in Ecuador, in 2009 when there was a media frenzy on a H1N1 pandemic some years ago. After being regressed with hypnosis, Petronio starts to remember more than what happened during his first kidnapping. He discovered something extremely shocking about his own identity and background connections to handlers in the MKULTRA programme dating back several generations of participants. The events that followed became a catalyst to him transcending some deeply traumatic experiences and insights to the control system, the MKULTRA programming and how it is used to control key families and resources in South America and other underdeveloped countries, with its feedback loop to the West in relation to geopolitics and the shadow government.

There are two parts to this podcast, the first is where Carlita interviews Petronio’s experiences and insights and the second part is the earlier broadcast that Petronio had done with his colleague Neville who died after this public talk on Ecuadorian radio, to warn local people on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine and the ingredients of vaccines and how one vaccine company had tested it on several thousand homeless polish people with dire consequences.

The only way to combat corporate bioterrorism is to educate people on the dangers of these bioengineered viruses and vaccines. Here, Petronio shares his story as an activist and MKULTRA survivor and with Carlita, they examine ways we can transcend such experiences in the larger scheme of engineered events and changing human consciousness.

Interview by Carlita Shaw

Author of The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of consciousness

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