Have You Tried This? Allergy/Intolerance/Sensitivity Test

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Because I live a very active lifestyle, drink beer, experiment with dieting, I am really into health testing. I love to get bloodwork done and see how I am doing. Does the ketogenic diet lead to deficiencies or specific enzyme issues? What do my genetics say about what should I eat more or less of? I seek answers to these questions and if see an opportunity to check in with my body, I will seize it.

I recently purchased an Allergy/Intolerance/Sensitivity and Genetic Nutrition test. I know to the best of my knowledge that I am not currently allergic to anything, but the test covers over 750 food and non-food items so who knows what I can find new about myself. Outside of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities are also important. Eating or being exposed to certain things could be causing detrimental effects to your health and diet. Let me break down the these three to illustrate how discovering more about each can be super helpful for increasing your overall.


Allergies are reactions to exposure to certain foods or non-foods which can cause an immediate reaction, often quite severe. People who are allergic to peanuts can die if they come in contact with them or consume them. That’s why there are so many warning labels about nuts on food packaging. Even if food was prepared using the same equipment it can be harmful. Other common allergies include pollen or cats, which can create debilitating symptoms when exposure occurs. Itchy and burning eyes, congestion, and a feeling of sickness can make it hard to do anything if exposure continues. It is super important to find out what you are allergic to so you can avoid these symptoms. There may be something in your home or outside that has been causing a reaction, even if it’s stashed away or afar. While most people know their allergies because they have had a reaction, there are some who still do not know because they have not made the connection.


I would say intolerances are a little more mellow in the symptoms but still tend to cause intestinal discomfort and headaches with exposure. A lot of intolerances are enzyme and ingestion-based, where the body lacks sufficient enzyme to break down certain foods. Gluten and lactose intolerance are two common types. People who decide to consume these will live, but it can cause stomach problems, acne, headaches, hair loss, and a host of other symptoms. A lot of people do not know about intolerances as they just assume they ate too much, or have poor digestion. Basically, your body cannot handle these substances and is trying to tell you not to consume them. Continuing to consume substances that you are intolerant to can create an overall lower state of wellness, so it’s important to identify these and model your diet around them.


Sensitivities are the least known and have the mildest symptoms, but they are still super important. While they do not come with the severe symptoms, they could be the reason why you are not losing weight or feel slightly out of it. Based on your genetics, there may be certain foods you were not meant to consume. If your genetics dictate that your body was not meant to consume carrots, the body will not know how to correctly break them down, the body can experience inflammation and distress, which could stall weight loss. This is actually my major reason for signing up for the test. Outside of the occasional beer, iI eat a pretty nutrient-dense and clean diet but I don’t always feel so great. I am really curious to see if there certain foods which I should not be consuming. For instance, I like to put celery in my salad because it has a lot of water and vitamins.But what if my body just was not mean to have it? While it is considered healthy, it may not be having healthy benefits for me specifically.

If you take anything from this post: We all want to live healthier, and try to find diets that work. When we find one, we want to spread the word. But while we are all very similar, we are also very different biologically when it comes to diet. We have different genetic histories and are predisposed to eat and not eat certain things. This is why urge you to try one of these tests.finding out what you are sensitive to can save you years of suffering and distress. A diet which works for one person will not work for the next necessarily, so you need to design a diet built around you specifically.

I purchased this on Groupon for around $30, and I think it will be well worth that cost if I can find out some valuable things about how my body works.

I gave a hair and cheek swab sample and sent it in. Will get results in a few weeks, stay tuned!

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I look forward to seeing the results of this. I am pretty sure I have a number of sensitivities at least. A couple of our friends took a similar test from England and it said they were allergic to like every food, so not sure how much faith to put in these.

I try to keep an open mind but I realize $30 may not deliver quality results. I looked over the reviews and it seemed like people were pleased and it’s legit but we’ll see..

Id be afraid to take it cuz it might say I am allergic to beer!

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$30, not bad at all! Looking forward to seeing your test results, and how they correlate with your empirical findings. :)