Fad Food Diets - Are They Harmful To Your Body

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Hey Sunshines,

At one point of time we have all tried or heard of a Diet claiming to be the next new diet that is going to help you lose your weight. While doing this diet are we also doing damage to our body's...

When a new diet comes our way we may know someone's that doing, they look great lost a few pounds, then start doing it, forgetting to do our own research of what are the side effects, what illness/allergies do I have that may react with what is being taken.

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When researching for diets to take on myself I kept hitting a brick wall as when I went deeper into the information, that may of been a few years later of side effects of what had happened, some of these people where big house hold names in the diet world that help push thru some diet trends, while it was some people sharing their knowledge of traditional cooking that had been passed down for hundreds of years and looking at the new diets how they didn't take on the traditional knowledge.

From my point of view what I had found was basically which could be said as a misuse of the way we used the food, as food can be healing but like medication when we over take it we can do damage or have side effects.

Lets take a look at a few, would like to hear your fed back on them also.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it, I've used this for vomiting, sore throat's, even restoring a child's pinched nerve, now the food fad with Apple Cider Vinegar was to take it once a day, and the amounts have been different ranging from 1 teaspoon - 2 tablespoons with the way taking it also different to take it straight or with water this was either to loss weight or to have over all health.
I have tried all three, straight, 1 teaspoon and 2 tablespoons in water, I personally found 1 teaspoon in water worked the best as a medication.
Taking it everyday, I've followed blogs and noticed they had also stopped taking it once a day.
Reading the medical medium's blog (can't remember where, it could of possible been in the MM101 on a recording, or a blog post) he say's that Apple Cider Vinegar pickles your liver, also that it be hard on the liver similar to alcoholthinking about this and how we use vinegar - for cooking salmon, marinating meat - which browns the out side of the meat, cleaning products to kill bacteria.
What does it actually do to our own insides and what damage does it cause?

Green Juices

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This one was part of the Raw Diet by Victoria Boutenko I watched quite a few of her videos, I got to one that talked about how her family became ill, from taking green juice for about three months straight, can't remember if that is all they were taking, think it may of been raw kale, raw spinach, apple. Apparently raw kale if you consume too much of it can cause a few issues, also the steams are not to be eaten. With watching this video came the thought of should we be eating or drinking the same thing over and over again day after day. Many others have echoed this thought such as Markus Rothkranz and The Liver Doctor that we should be eating and drinking different food and juices (when we juice) each meal so each meal isn't the same and we are getting different nutrients.

There are many different Fad Food diets the best way when you see a new diet is to research the pro's and con's of other's that have done the diet, research traditional ways on the way it is consumed and used.
Also it's the process (way food is prepared), the way it's consumed and using it in the wrong way, as food can be used as medicine also to heal.

If your looking for a healthy lifestyle you may want to look at healthy country's like the blue zones, country's that have healthy lifestyles and implement their lifestyle into your own.

What are your favourite foods for healing?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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I am on The f ast 800 its the new version of The Blood Sugar Diet, its brill. I've lost just over 50lbs got more to lose but getting there and helping so much better .