Pray for my son.

in health •  last year 

Request to all my steemians friends
Pray for my 1 year son he is admitted to hospital.



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Please try to add more information to this post and you will get more attention, otherwise people will think it's a scam. I looked over your profile and you seem to be a real person at least. I hope this is truth, if so, I hope your son has a full recovery soon! Best wishes.



I know you definitely sad and I also feel what you feel. I hope your son soon health and recovered in God's help. Healthy and sick is part of the power of God. But God has promised to us that no pain without a cure. Let us pray and You have to be patient.


Thank you so much for your prayers

God bless and god speed. I resteemed this with 3 of my profiles. I am a veteran in America that knows of an awesome nutrition plan too that can help please contact me or @elderson or email me (email on website and we can get you started! Good luck! Also steem chat is Elderson


Thank you so much
Ya sure I'll soon contact you.
Thanks again.


Cool I have a video explaining everything I can link you to. it's an hour long so let me know when you have the time.


We can continue this from tommorow because im so tired just came form hospital for some rest and will go early morning there again.

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me and my girlfriend wish you a lot of courage and that he may overcome and get stronger and healthy again. we had 3 miscarriage so I know it's not washable to loose a child that you have put on the world . much love and hope


Thank you both of you
And i will pray that soon you will post your baby picture to me :)