Awareness of breast cancer needs

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When a breast cancer occurs, it does not affect the patient only, it affects the family, friends and relatives. Especially life music is affected. For the patient who is compromised, the help of the life partner in facing challenges, the sympathy, the resort is very necessary.
Awareness of breast cancer needs

When breast cancer treatment goes, there are many side effects. If the surgery is done and the lymph gyroscope is removed, Chemotherapy takes you away from Bobby vomiting, vomiting, alopecia, hunger and weight loss. Obesity, fatigue, breast pain, change in breast size etc., in the treatment of radiation. On the other hand, the emotional mood is also changed.

If a loved one is breast cancer, then he has to resort. Apparently: Looks like it is easy. Favorite foods and many times become tasteless to the patient. There are some treatments that do not like the previous favorite meal after taking. Many people may want to avoid these foods that they used to enjoy during the normal period. Many women want doctors to take him along with him and stay with him. Whether there is a medical check up or a formal check up, such sessions with the doctor become tired. At that time someone consulted the notebook, took care of, took home, and the patient felt very healthy. As far as the intimate, the patient gets relief if he gives it to him as well. He may seek physical intimacy even though he may seek sexual intimacy in treatment. Look at the life partner.

When people are under pressure, people get relief when they get to speak openly. Anyone looking for shelter, who will listen to his words, share it with him. Life partner may have such needs. Studies have shown that when the couple said openly during the treatment, the pain of the patient is very low, the happiness of the relationship is more. After diagnosis, many decisions have to be made, at which time the active role of life partner is recommended. It may be necessary to take the second choice. Life partner is a good listener. If the companion is afraid, then he has to confess and fear him. Cautions should be handled by the greed of solving solutions, perhaps it may be a matter of neglecting his anxiety, at least the patient may think, and if he thinks of it, he will not have to worry about the pain and he will not say it.


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Hi @armanh17 , your post May give emotional support to the effected families. I made a post about breast cancer and reducing the risk of getting it. If you are free kindly check them once.

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