Thoughts on healing nerve damage and reversing cerebral palsy naturally

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This is for a young lady I met that has not been able to be helped by modern western medicine. You know who you are!

Keep in mind that these are simply my ideas based upon countless of hours of researching many health problems and only a short period looking at nerve damage and cerebral palsy. Fortunately the vast majority of all health problems can be reversed in the exact same ways since almost all of them have the same causes.

Self healing bodies

Our bodies were built to be self healing. Skin repairs itself, bones knit back together if set properly, blood regenerates, and even nerves regrow... if your body is healthy.

Our bodies are made of cells.

Cells are destroyed via a few things:

  • Lack of necessary nutrition
  • Lack of hydration
  • Toxicity
  • Physical damage

Real nutrition requires real food.
Any other kind of "food" might have some nutrition but also contains things that are toxic to our bodies.
Organically grown, non genetically modified fruits and vegetables are real foods.
Wild caught fish and animals are real food.
Free range animals grown on their natural diets without genetically modified foods and antibiotics are real food.

Clean water
The goal of drinking water is hydration. The cleaner the water the better. Don't drink municipal water or most bottled water available in the united states (we are the only country in the world where water companies don't have to note what is in the water on the bottles). Fortunately there is a place called Water2Go in aberdeen, wa that provides excellent water for 65 cents per gallon (75 cents per gallon for ozonated water).

Today, toxins are everywhere and in almost everything. The worst offenders are typically heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, etc.) and poisons (arsenic, etc.).

Heavy metals wreak havoc on our bodies and we bio-accumulate them over time (they are very hard for our bodies to get rid of). Common sources of heavy metals are water, vaccines (adjuvants include mercury compounds and aluminum compounds), and foods.

Physical damage
Physical damage includes not only obvious physical damage but also electromagnetic radiation, dirty electricity, and radio frequencies.

Healing requires nutrition, hydration, and relaxation

For solid healing you need to eat real foods, drink clean water, expel toxins from your body, avoid damaging fields, and avoid stress (relax).

To heal even faster, water fasts and dry fasts can be used... though these tend to cause healing crisis in people who have a lot of problems and/or have eaten poorly for many years.

A healing crisis is the result of your body quickly eliminating toxins that have been stored up in your system and can be rather minor (low grade fevers, mild rashes, etc.) or much more difficult (skin breaking open and literally expelling toxins, high fevers, etc.).

How I'd try to facilitate healing damaged nerves

Personally, if I had nerve damage that was not healing I would try the following for at least three weeks:

  • Drink only clean water and/or juiced organic fruits and vegetables (include avacados for essential fats, green leafy veggies have plenty of protein) and/or organic bone broth (this would be a water or juice fast)

If not comfortable doing that I'd limit myself to one large meal of either raw fruits or raw vegetables each day and maybe a cup of organic bone broth mid day if hungry. (this is intermittent fasting)

I'd also seriously consider getting testing for common heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, etc.) and arsenic... and if needed using herbs to chelate them or find a doctor to provide chelation therapy (leaching out heavy metals and such. It is hard for the body to heal properly when it is toxic.

Purpose of fasting

The reason to fast for quicker healing is because your body spends a lot of energy to digest food, especially meats and starchy foods. The less often you eat the more time your body has to focus on healing... provided you aren't overly stressed out. Also, after several hours (up to a day and a half or so) your body will go into ketosis and start burning up your extra fat for energy... which will also expel the toxins that are stored in them... hence the cause of a healing crisis.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy can be caused by heavy metal poisoning. In fact, there are a variety of cerebral palsy cases that have received compensation due to vaccine injury (which is generally caused by the foreign proteins and heavy metals added to them before they are injected into people). You can see this for yourself by going to the CDC VAERS data website and doing a search for Cerebral Palsy.

If your cerebral palsy is caused via heavy metal poisoning (whether in utero or after birth via vaccines or otherwise) then you could potentially control and/or reverse it via the exact same methods described above:

  • Solid nutrition
  • Heavy metal chelation
  • Avoiding GMO and chemically grown foods
  • Drinking clean water

Add in mild exercise (even walking) to stimulate your lymph system (how your cells get rid of their waste) and you might be very surprised at the results.

But the doctors say...

Doctors get maybe 4 hours of nutritional training.

Their texts are written by the big pharmaceutical companies (look up CDC, FDA, and "Captured agency" for some interesting reading) and they are taught ONLY solutions involving surgery and chemical drugs.

Some references

  • Dr Jason Fung (particularly the book The Complete Guide to Fasting)
  • Dr Eric Berg (Youtube)
  • Dr Bergman (Youtube)
  • The Detox Miracle Sourcebook (Robert Morse ND)

Maybe also read some of my posts on steemit related to health.

Good luck!

Hopefully this gives you some things to consider. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk in person or via phone and/or have questions.

I suspect that if you put your mind to it you can probably get your body to heal itself.

And, of course, I could be totally wrong. That being said, how could eating better and giving your body more time to heal (intermittent fasting) really hurt anything other than doctors pocket books?

Yeah, maybe I'm crazy... but I like it that way.

And be sure to watch the following (real healing from an MD in england):

TedX Talk: How to make diseases disappear

There are also some alternative methods of healing (frequency healing, etc.)... but just the above will resolve almost everything if actually comprehended and applied.


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