Bread and Blood [a hardfork series short story]

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This is an entry for the Hardfork Series contest

Image Credit for title image. Edited by @negativer

Thank you to the great folks at the Writers Block on Discord. Great community of writers there, helping each other get better at what they enjoy doing.


Oh boy. That was intense. Excellent antagonist; loved his dialogue. This is easily the darkest family reunion story I have ever read. Organ theft, seared limbs, and shitty bread -- such a wonderful world awaiting us.

Thanks for the kind words, and for reading! I had initially thought I had the corner on the hardfork series market for violence, but you one-upped me there with your own very excellent story. :)

This is heart-poundingly good. I had to remember to breathe a few times, there. Well done, @negativer!

Thanks! A little bit of dramatic darkness never hurt anyone. Right? Right? :)

It's not the darkness that hurts. It's all the things that getcha!

Excellent! Nice one, Negativer. This competition is definately leaning to the dark side!

Thanks @johnkingwriter! I don't mind a little darkness. It helps the rest of our lives look a little brighter.

Amazing work, Neg! Very dark, very good, incredibly enticing!

Thanks you for saying so, and for reading my darkness!

Enjoyed your story. Great ending. He should use Tesco home delivery service in the future. The bread will be just as bad :)

Ha, you're right. Safer for him, but maybe a wee bit dangerous for the delivery guy. Thanks for reading!

Dark, but very engaging. Thanks for another good read.



Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

Oh my motherflagging Goddess, Neg! You did it. Steampunk meets the digital era. Amazing job!

Thanks Tiny! I think the Writers Block has put out a really good collection of stories for this contest.

Great story, as per usual. Although probably not the hopeful outlook that some would like to see in 2029 - Crypto Noir indeed, with emphasis on "noir". ;)

After the great bitcoin crash of 2029, it was a dark and terrible world.

I swear I looked at this in the queue twice. I thought I read all of it the second time. Apparently I only dreamed actually reading it, since much was unfamiliar and so much more powerful than I expected. Excellent writing!

Thanks @bex-dk! You've been a queue machine lately, so I wouldn't blame you for not remembering everything :) Thanks for the kind words!

I probably got interrupted and failed to get back to yours. Or I turned into a migraine zombie and it went in one eye and dribbled out the other ear with my brains. But that's okay... You don't need my edits to pull off awesomeness.

Great job with this, you motherfragging chitlicker.

I love how much The Writers' Block has been represented in this contest.

Thanks @gmuxx. Your forking words steal the fiat right out of my dank heart.

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