HappyChallenge - Red, Ripe, Healthy Melons

in happychallenge •  last year

One of the happiest moment of my day has to be when I started eating the melon in the image below.


Such flavor! Such red-ness. It was really fresh, sweet and healthy!

When I bought it, the guy selling the melon and his wife told me to buy this particular melon, because it's especially ripe.

I've bought from them before, so I had all the reasons to trust them, I was a returning customer.

So yes, it was totally worth buying it for about 5$ (fiat $$)

Another happy moment was during my lunch break. I was waiting for my food and listening to the music on the radio. Then a commercial break came, and I suddenly heard a woman speaking Greek.

I'm particulary fond of the Greek language, and hearing her speak in between the songs made me smile.

And finally, figuring out how to use https://blocktrades.us has also made my day.


That's about it for now. The day is not over, there have to be some happy moments left.

Take care!

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Good luck on the HappyChallenge! I am planing to get in soon.


jump in

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