Poll:63 What makes you Happy?

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So many people spend their time indoors playing video games and talking on their phones getting in formed creating digital imprints everyday and seem to find enjoyment or satisfaction at the end of the day. Hard to imagine that the outdoors have been abandoned or replaced by computers and our phones this has definitely become a new trend in our social lives something we have a hard time and cannot go without it seems for some people.

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Poll:63 What makes you Happy?

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Everyone said the truth.

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When I spend time with Kids

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I am born in the jungle so will always stay a jungle girl. It is not that I do not enjoy educating myself on the internet or relax watching a good movie at night.
My absolute favorite way to relax and to get a happy and full feeling is to go catch fish, frogs, snakes, scorpions, spiders or collect mussels, snails, mushrooms, and roots. That really get all the modern thinking and problems out of my brain and I am in my mind a kid back in the jungle with my mother.


catching scorpions ...

that sounds ... :D

must be all to have all that nature around though, but i dont think i would survive the tropical temperature for a week ... especially with scorpions in it , lol


The scorpions found here are mostly not very dangerous by themselves, they will cause pain and swelling same a big wasp but the danger is in infections you can get.
But they are very nutritious and pregnant women was before the health clinic advised to eat one whole scorpion a day.

I can teach you how to survive in the jungle if you ever come here.



they're beautiful though, seems like a waste to eat

i dont think jungle is my environment really, maybe more mountains or forests ... the climate in mongolia seems to suit me a lot better than the tropics but i wouldnt know

since i havent been to either (or neither ?)

but ,

if i ever make it thailand , i will sure call on you to save me from the wild animals

you will recognize me easily i'll be the only guy wearing a portable air conditioner so i dont melt :p

its a shame really, just like vietnam, but the temperatures would kill me faster than any scorpion could

nice picture , i once ate a rainworm and now i feel like a total panzy watching you let a scorpion dance on your face lolol

a real shame i cant stand heat or sunlight ... south-east asia seems perfect but

i wouldnt survive the tropical zone thats a real shame, really real

i see you got one vote on @goldmanmorgan too, please feel free to keep voting, it wont go to waste, you can withdraw after a while but thats not in the program yet