Happiness Day, or What Have I Got

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There will always be someone, who earn more money, has an expensive car and newest model of iPhone. Someone who has fewer skin wrinkles and tiny little waist, more straight back and confident look...
Someone, who went to the moon or stayed in the coolest hotel in the world...

This race has no winner, no start and no end, no limits and bounds. But anyway, we unwittingly fall into temptation. As kids we dream to grow up sooner, and became an adult regret it.

Hey, what have I got?
Why am I alive , anyway?
Yeah, what have I got
Nobody can take away?

("Ain't Got No - I Got Life", Nina Simone)


My own bearded happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂. 2018

One day, we begin to understand that happiness is in very simple and accessible things: in the arms of a child, in the kiss of a loved one, in that how the wood smells after the rain. The the fact you can ever breath and enjoy flavors, and the rain or the sun, and stop in this moment forgetting about everything else.

The happiness shines out of your face like sunbeams when you see your friend you have not seen for years. It glows in pink and orange shades of the sunset sky. And no matter from what point of planet you observe it.

Tomorrow, March 20th is an International Day of Happiness. And meanwhile ...

just let yourself be happy and grab whatever chance you have. You never know where happiness awaits.

And all together:

Yours, ✋

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I had forgotten that tomorrow was theInternational Day of Happiness, one of the International days I totally agree with , and your right once you learn to focus on the small things that bring you happiness, and not the bought things you live a lot happier life :)

It's all up to us. Happiness is a moment, a state, but it is also our choice

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yes indeed it is our choice I have learned to focus on whats really important, sadly many haven't or never will come to that realization

Totally agree

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Це точно. Щастя поруч, і воно зовсім не в гаджетах останньої моделі чи кількості лайків в інстаграмі, а в тих маленьких деталях, які ми часто не помічаємо, вважаючи простими та звичними.
Щастя вам, і не лише в цей день!

Так хочеться, щоб навколо нас було якнайбільше щасливих людей...
Дякую, і навзаєм!!

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It's not selfishness to make your happiness a priority. It's indispensable.

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That's right. They often say the happier I am the happier you are by me :)

Howdy there zirochka! What a great post! I didn't know there was such a thing as an International Day of Happiness! People are supposed to make themselves be happy that day? What did you guys do?

Hello there, janton! I don't think we should do something or celebrate. Or maybe I don't know about it. For me, it is one more reminding that it is only up on me to be happy.
Thank you so much for your comment!

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Howdy again zirochka! I totally agree with you, you are very wise!

You are too kind ))

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