Nice! Creative. I appreciate your efforts for this post.

Thank you so much @cryptoqu33n :-) Great you like!

Good post. I love bicycles, I remember I had one and painted it three times hehe I loved it. Greetings bro, thank you for sharing this to the community


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отличная работа

Realy great work, and could be very stressful right. But seriouly do you construct that to make a sale or just for fun...

Actually I enjoy it, In future I would like to sell them having fun... Sometime it happens :-)

That's great! So the process you heat the metal and hammer a way, and some welding involved, right? What class did you take? or did you do a mentorship?

Great you liked it :-) Some years ago I have taken some fillet brazing classes, but actually the best way it is to learn step by step doing it

I like! Trial and error. Thanks!

Calling @originalworks :)
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