Would You Rather Date Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers?

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I'm going to file this under the category of "sometimes weird things occur to me at night when I can't sleep."

I'll start by saying that 1) obviously this is meant as a joke, and 2) dating anyone with any type of violent streak is a horrible idea in general.

So, if I put aside the fact that any one of the below men would kill and mutilate you and anyone around you in an orgy of violence and blood, which one would make the best love match? Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 3.02.24 PM.png

  1. Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on Elm Street

PRO: He visits your subconscious, so the places you could theoretically travel to would only be limited by your imagination. And he would be great at cocktail party conversations...he may murder everyone there, but not before dropping some killer one-liners.

CONS: He can only hang out with you when you're asleep, so getting him to social events would be a nightmare...unless you pull him out of the dream into the real world. At which point he's likely to massacre multiple people, and turning parties into bloodbaths could put a serious damper on your social life. Also: Holding hands would be a challenge; insomnia could be a dealbreaker.

  1. Michael Myers - Halloween

PROS: He's the strong silent type. He is totally obsessed with finding the object of his affection...and once he settles on you, he will never give up.

CON: Only available one night per year. Since he splits his time between mental asylums and various crawlspaces, his bachelor pad leaves a lot to be desired. Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 11.17.39 AM.png

  1. Jigsaw - SAW

PROS: He's smart, creative and capable of exhibiting caring and sensitive behavior toward his loved ones.

CONS: Way too obsessed with his work.

  1. Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th

PROS: Obviously hates being in the woods as much as I do. Plus he's tall, so wearing heels = not an issue!

CONS: Again, his availability is limited to one night per year. And he hates water, which would be a drag when planning vacations. Also: Can we say mommy issues?

  1. Hannibal Lecter - Silence of the Lambs

PROS: He's a charming, sophisticated, witty gourmand who would never cease to delight you at dinner parties (as long as you aren't on the plate!)

CONS: He's a cannibal at heart so his super keen sense of smell coupled with a hypersensitivity to perceived rudeness means that you run the risk of living in fear that an accidental fart could be fatal.

Would love to know what you all think...if there are others out there who love dissecting movie characters, who is your ultimate horror movie dream date?

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Can I choose instead between Elvira, Queen of the Damned and Selene from Underworld? He he he, little more my flavor. Had fantasies of all three individually and combinations of. HA! Good write up sweets. Should be worth at least ten bucks.

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See this is what I'm talking about - SO many more choices for you guys! :) Thanks for your comment!

Lol, great post!

I'd have to pick Hannibal, as by far the most intelligent of the bunch, but truth be told, I'd far rather pick Will Graham, the FBI profiler that Hannibal framed, as he's far less likely to put me or my loved ones on the menu, and - bonus - he's a dog person!!!

I seriously geeked out over the Hannibal TV series when it first aired, and loved Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal, as well as Hugh Dancy as Will Graham.

Gruesome at times, but really well done, and the cinematography and set decoration often rose to the level of art . . . hands down the most beautifully photographed TV series I've ever seen, which is saying a lot.

What's not to love?

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Ok so this was interesting, hannibal would be my first choice then Myers i can deal with crazy lol

I'm with you - Hannibal is definitely my first pick also. I would run the risk of being cannibalized, but on the plus side - I would never have to cook again! :)

Oooo gotta go for Hannibal, cuz he's gonna cook a great meal (much like I do :P)

Also he seems pretty sophisticated. Just gotta keep that muzzle on him like a good lil boy.

Ultimate horror movie dream date? That is a super specific and quite unusual question... but I would have to say Carrie because shes the only one who isn't some sort of doll or a nun :-D Also she WAS prom queen after all, and a virgin cuz of her crazy mom's judgy mentality.

O would jave to say carrie. Shes sweet and innocent.

But on other hand if i pissed her off, then im fucked, lol

I like myers! great post!

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