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I don't know how much more this poor house can take!

With only two days left to go ol' Glenn is starting to amass quite the collection of abandoned lore from his decrepit abode. Let's hope we can contain whatever hidden treasures are beyond window number two!

It's the eighth wonder of the world!! Look out ladies and gentlemen, it's

The Misfits - Kong at the Gates

That's all for tonight. Thanks for Stopping by!

Come back soon, each day I’ll open another window into the spirit realm and unleash a Misfits favorite :)

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Happy Halloween boys and ghouls,
-Doctor Onion

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Trick or treat what would you pick?

A very scary trick that while locked up in the dark scary dungeon with spirits, giant spiders, and the grim reaper to race a very cold nightmare. @steem-untalented


Hi @southparkqueen. I think my indulgent side would probably pick treat. How about you? Thanks for the upvote! :D