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Happy New Year Steemit! This page has been consumed by the Langoliers

Greetings friends, Doctor Onion here with my first DTube posts and a long overdue blast from Halloween past! You didn't ask. I didn't listen. So here it is anyways... The last remaining scraps of "A Misfits Halloween"

When I started this project I had grand dreams of creating a workflow video for each day of the countdown. But alas, the screencaps were lengthy, my IRL/AFK obligations became more demanding, and I felt the pressure of time closing in as the world around me was disappearing. I gathered up everything I could, packaged it in this hefty zip file, and hopped into Glenn's red Datsun, punching through the aurora borealis and away from 2017.

Eerily, when we broke through I discovered the work for days 6 and 2 had disappeared, leaving behind only their assets... Thus, to keep this process blog alive, I decided to cobble together a timelapse of days 6 and 2 for your viewing pleasure.

6 Days 'till Halloween! Timelapse

2 Days 'till Halloween! Timelapse

Project Files with Assets

Feel free to pick these files apart, use, incorporate, destroy, or reassemble in any way you see fit. This project sort of just came together by the seat of my pants so keep that in mind when you're looking at some sloppy workflow ▐ ⊙ ▃ ⊙ ▐ If you do remix, don't forget to check the sources! I've included citations for all assets I didn't create. (You have my full permission to go nuts with the ones I did!)

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy. This is one resolution down, 99 to go. Please upvote, resteem, and follow for more.

Happy New Year Everyone!

-Doctor Onion

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