( $300 SBD ) The Hallosteem Contest 2017 #1

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Hi Steemians ❤️,


Step into October, apart from having a warm and lovely Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, another recognisable and fun festival should be Halloween!

And now here we come the new contest "The Hallosteem Contest 2017"!

🎃The Hallosteem Contest 2017 🎃

"The Hallosteem Contest 2017" will be hold in 3 sections.

1. 👑 Hallosteem Makeup Contest (link will open on 15th Oct)

hosted by @nicolemoker

2. 💃🏻 Hallosteem Costume Contest

hosted by @krischy

3. 📷 Hallosteem Photography Contest

hosted by @aaronli

4. 🎁 Hallosteem Lucky Draw

All participates in Hallosteem Contest will automatically enter Lucky Draw :) Good luck!

Contests are divided into 3 sections, each section has different rules and guidelines. Please click and read the details according to the contest.

🌎We are welcome to all participates from all over the world. 🌎

(Limited to the language barrier, please submit your post in English or Chinese.
We welcome steemains to translate this post.)

💰Prize Pool 💰

Sponsors welcomed. Thank you for your interested in supporting all steemians in participating this contest! Your support will be the motivation on Steemit's community development and bloom in creativity.
All sponsors are welcome to leave the message here too.

1. Hallosteem Makeup Contest
2. Hallosteem Costume Contest
3. Hallosteem Photography Contest
4. Hallosteem Lucky Draw
@colmanlamkh$10.31小小心意 支持2017年的Hallosteem大賽

🎉 Prize Pool ( Updated on 9/10/17) = $ 300 SBD

🌈If you would like to support this contest, please transfer to @nicolemoker . Please state which contest you are supporting and leave your message too, for those without notes will subsumed under lucky draw.🌈

Contest 1. Hallosteem Makeup | Hallosteem化妝大賽

Halloween cosmetic makeup on face or body.



Contest 2. Hallosteem Costume | Hallosteem服裝比賽

Halloween costume design for yourself, children, pets...etc.



Contest 3. Hallosteem Photography | Hallosteem攝影比賽

Halloween theme photography shooting. Not limited to atmosphere, food, people, or decorations...etc.

萬聖節主題攝影拍攝。 不限於環境,食物,人物或裝飾品等。


Bonus: Hallosteem Lucky Draw | Hallosteem 抽獎

The contest is open to all Hallosteem participates.
The lucky draw deadline is 5th Nov 2017.




現在我們來參加新的比賽 — “2017年的Hallosteem大賽”!

🎃 Hallosteem 大賽 2017🎃


1. 👑 Hallosteem 化妝比賽(鏈接會於10月15日開放)


2. 💃🏻 [Hallosteem 服裝比賽](https://steemit.com/hallosteem/@krischy/100-sbd-hallosteem-costume-contest-2017-1-steemit-hellosteem)


3. 📷 [Hallosteem 攝影比賽](https://steemit.com/hallosteem/@aaronli/100-sbd-hallosteem-photography-contest-2017-1-steemit-hellosteem)


4. 🎁 Hallosteem 抽獎

所有參加Hallosteem大賽將自動進入幸運抽獎:) 祝你好運!

比賽分為3節,每節有不同的規則和準則。 請根據比賽點擊並閱讀詳細信息。



💰獎池 💰

歡迎贊助。 感謝您支持所有steemian參加本次比賽!

1. Hallosteem化妝比賽
2. Hallosteem服裝比賽
3. Hallosteem攝影比賽
3. Hallosteem 抽獎
@colmanlamkh$10.31小小心意 支持2017年的Hallosteem大賽

🎉 獎池 ( 9/10/17 更新) = $ 300 SBD

🌈如果你想支持這個比賽,請轉賬到 @nicolemoker。 請說明您所支持的比賽並留下您的留言,沒註明的會歸入抽獎。🌈

Still hesitate to join? You have 3 weeks to prepare and win $300!
Don't waste your talents! Make it, Wear it & Shoot it!
還要猶豫加入嗎? 你有3個星期的時間去贏$ 300!

** 小提示給香港和CN用戶:我們將會舉辦Hallosteem Gathering ,您可以在聚會當天展示你的成品和心機!暫定日期為10月28日,歡迎你們加入!

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Details for the Hallosteem costume competition will be post before or on 15/10😉

thank you my dear co-host :)

I would also like to donate a few SBD to the Hallosteem contest if thats alright

Upvoted followed and resteemed 😂
Come join our contest~!!

Great Stuff! So happy to see Aa and Ni.... working together!

Thank you.... dean... you are awesome😂

Aa and Kr is working together

Got it bro! Working to get her huh!? Get who? who else!? ....

actually I want Aa and De working together ❤️

You do know that I am married? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

..... perhaps De should be the judge of Aa contest...

You do know the world behind your wife is so exciting? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My wife is the whole world, there is nothing behind her. But I spare a little room for you...

Gee, I have to double check that this message is replied under the correct thread lol

It must be interesting to join it, let me think which one I should join....^_^

Hey nicolemoker,
Thanks for the great content

Thank you coinland! :) you are welcome to join !!

Cool contest. It's always fun to dress up for Halloween.

get your camera ready!

yep yep excited!

This will be interesting to watch. I remembered that there were quite a few people doing Halloween makeup tutorial last year.

Hope to see more fun and creative posts this year :)


cheers :)

wow,so cool!

OMG! This is right up my alley. Here are me and my husband from last year... just a sneak peak. 👻 I understand I'm not entering here. 🙃 I'm just so excited!!!
us halloween edited small.jpg
Anxiously awaiting contest links...💀

Your pictures looks cute @carrieallen haha, can't wait to see your dress up this year :)

Excellent post :)

@nicolemoker - Wow. You are doing amazing work for the Steemit community. I hope to participate in the photography contest.

I usually photograph wildlife and nature and blog about wildlife awareness by combining the photos with the learning we can have. Hope you visit some day when you have time.

Thanks again for such a great community initiative. Upvoted full.



Omg im so excited about this . 😁

Looking forward to this contest. I am sure there will be lots of interesting photos uploaded.
Thanks for organizing it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think I never did something for halloween. But I definitely want to try something for this year. Thank u for the sharing and many steemians r interested in this post. :D

start preparing the contest now! :P I think it is fun, hope you can join!



Great idea!! Looking forward to it!!

@nba05 Steemit's 13 year old blogger

wow nice & cool @nicolemoker !

I will definitely participate in this contest...Thanks @nicolemoker I'll be waiting for the links

Will be start on next week! hope you see your halloween artwork soon :P

Wow it's cool I like your blog and I am started following you... Keep posting @nicolemoker


wow, when is it going again?
I want to also participate in the contest, they are very very lucky, including you. get so many SBD presents, it's amazing.
congratulations to the champions.

Seems like a really nice event! Thanks for sharing!

Can't wait for the photography portion!

Be prepared! Grab your camera and keep your eyes on "Halloween"! haha

Nice post @nicolemoker. Festival time big events and big contest. Thanks for sharing.

Greetings from Venezuela!

Hello @hada ! Nice to meet you here, please enjoy the contest :P

Very creative event! Great idea!

thank you! you are welcome to join us!


這個推動力很大吧?😆 希望玩得更開心!

i upvoted your post
please upvote my post soon

Hey Nicole, this is great! 💯

SportSteem (@sportsteem) would be thrilled to sponsor a contest for $100SBD💰

Also we will provide an additional $31SBD for the best Sports costume 🏈 ⚾️ 🏒🏀 preferred! Also $13SBD for 2nd best and $10SBD for 3rd place💰

SportSteem is a friendly robot which can track your sports game predictions ~ Your Ability to Tell the Future!
#sportsteem #nfl #chi #ml means the 🐻 Chicago Bears will win tomorrow 🏈 and the 👻 Ghosts of Football Seasons Past 👻 told us this will surely come true!!! [¡¿¡Th0s3 W1ck3D Tr1cky Gho$t$ L13D!?!]

Also we would be happy to develop for you 🤖 a bot which automates the Lucky Draw 💸 and helps you in other ways! We know how to do this very well because we built the SportSteem bot from scratch!

We happily upvoted this post and followed @nicolemoker who created this amazing event!

🎃 Happy Halloween Everyone!!! 🎃

@sportteem thank you so much!!!

Thank you @sportsteem :) please transfer to my account if you would like to support our steemains !

Shipped 💸

🏈⚾️ Hallosteem17 SPORTS! Let's g0oOo0 🏀🏒

🎃 Happy Halloween Everyone!!! 🎃

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Halloween 大慶典!Steemian 們會以什麼造型出現?😃😃😃一定很壯觀!祝 Nicole 活動大成功!

謝謝Philip ! 看你這身禮服打扮,會變成什麼暗黑模式嗎?

This is a great contest! Some people make amazing costumes and such!

Thank you :) please join if you are interested !

Amazing. Will definitely be taking part in the photography contest!

Cheers :)

what a great contest, I want to participate in contest no 3 . Thanks for doing this.

You may participate in all 3 contests haha :P

I will try and be creative .. hehe

Very nice indeed. I wish I was one of the lucky winner hehe.

Don't hesitate to join and grab the chance!

Oh yes I'm going to participate.

that's amazing and Cool contest

this is so cool

Very cool contest, cant wait to see the results :))

Really good and fun idea for Halloween @nicolemoker

a big pool..must join...thx

you may joinall contests @kona :P

Can't wait for all these contests. Halloween is probably still my favorite of all the holidays. I first dressed up for halloween when I was 4 years old and I have not missed a halloween since. In trying not to sound too old, I'll just say it has been a few decades haha. Great idea with the contest, looking forward to participating

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I love the hallowsteem hehe

Welcome to our Hallosteem contests :D

Cool contest, looking forward to the Hallosteem photography competition! resteemed!


Omg we had attracted an expert to join :p

Its sound so interesting

Halloween or Hallowe'en, also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day


Hello dear @nicolemoker,
nice article about "The Hallosteem Contest 2017" very interesting and attractive post, i like that.. Thanks..

Love itt 🎉🎉🎉🎉👍
Helo check my accnt and fllw

That's great. Will be waiting for 15th Oct :)


This is COOL!

exciting! I want to join!!

Awesome! I'm going to be on the look out for cool stuff for the photography contest. Will it be possible to enter multiple photos or only one? : )

Rules and guideline will be open on 15th :) please check it later

it would be the funniest steemit events ever haha

Yea! you should join too :P

The tutorials looks great, it will be interesting to see the contest.

Wow nice and Beautiful..
I resteem your post :)

YAY! this looks like a lot of fun. I think I will do halloween makeup for work so I will take a photo and enter this competition :)

This is going to be a lot of fun. :D

好期待啊!!! :D


OMG, nice!!!

Brother, I've voted plese you vote me

Well done
How are you?, @ nicolemoker
I would like to thank you for your contribution to the STEEMiT community. @OriginalWorks will check the originality of the post and upvote accordingly.
Upvote this comment as I just upvoted your post
And please find time to check my post here @beulahlandeu.

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Hello @nicolemoker! This is actually pretty cool! I love to dress up for Halloween so I may be joining the contest!

哇塞 我得去问公司采购借件衣服了。。。然后去乐园的万圣节活动拍鬼片!!!

Another fun contest! lot of time for preparation! huweee!!!

yes! I guess we will have lots of fun for the contests :P

Nice post

Very creative event! Great idea!

lots of love from Nepal. Going to join contest

Hello Nicole, I would like to participate into the contest Hallosteem Lucky Draw, but tell me what I need to join in?

Great, I can`t wait to participate <3

Congratulation To @nicolemoker. That is really great work.

Congratulations @nicolemoker!
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Omg I want to be in this contest ! Do you gonna post all the requirements on October 15th right ?

This looks fun! Halloween brings out the weird, creative and silly side of us all! 😈 Thank you for taking the time to organize the contest!

Thank you @brisby ! Hope to see you in the coming post :P


wow, nice content 太有活动策划头脑了!这将会是一个难忘的halloween~

Oh, it has been an year .... time flies

Happy Halloween from my son Ethan and Rody the horse and how we had fun doing 'art'

the above was my last year's Halloween post. FYI. :)


so 15th Oct is when you will make a post that has links on how to enter each contest?


Hey, I am glad to find you on Steemit, this contest is a great initiative! Keep it up!

Wow, this is great!
I knew that Halloween will brings such amazing initiatives!
I was working the other days on some black jewelry and I was wondering if it fits with Halloween theme. Maybe I'll posts them around 15 October and fit them in the story.
Congratulations for this initiative!
Enjoy @nature.art, my kind of Art!🌿
Be love!

Hi !! How EXCITING!! I can't wait to enter :) :) how many photos can you enter per catagory ? Upvoted and resteemed!!GREAT CONTEST!! Kayleigh :) :)


I really have to make time for a costume.... maybe I'll be in for photography this time around....Thanks for the contest @nicolemoker

Wow really cool contest!🤡👻👹👿👽🤠👮‍♀️👻

nyc....follow me

i'm sorry. but how to join again? am i supposed to comment the picture or post it on my account?.

How do I enter the makeup comp?

So nice to see it. Halloween gathering plus contest.

Ty Carson, you may join our gathering too :P

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