(100+ SBD)🎃 Hallosteem Costume Contest 2017 #1 【Steemit社區萬聖節Hallosteem 服裝大賽 】

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Hi Steemit Friends,


Halloween is around the corner.Have you planned on how to celebrate this fun festival? I am happy to announce that @nicolemoker, @aaronli and I @krischy are hosting three different Halloween Contest, "Hallosteem Contest 2017".

Steemit的朋友大家好,踏入十月,萬聖節快到了,大家有沒有計劃怎麼慶祝這個節日呢?最近在Steemit的社區舉辦了不少比賽,寵物選美比賽,畫畫比賽,寫作比賽等,有見及此, @aaronli @nicolemoker 和我決定在萬聖節舉辦三個有關萬聖節的比賽「Hallosteem 大賽 2017」 !

Hallosteem Contest 2017🎃

The contest will be held in four different sections.

1. Hallosteem Makeup Contest 🎭

Hosted by @nicolemoker

2. Hallosteem Costume Contest 💃🏼

Hosted by @krischy

3. Hallosteem Photography Contest 📷

Hosted by @aaronli

4. Hallosteem Lucky Draw🌈

Join either one of the competition above, you will automatically enter Lucky Draw!

These contest are open to all Steemians, we encourage all of you to participate.

If you are interested in know more about the "Hallosteem Contest 2017", you can press the link below to know more.

Hallosteem Costume Contest 2017 🎃 👻 🌙

(Photo Source: Google)


  1. This contest is open to all Steemians

  2. This contest is limited to language barrier, please submit your post in English or Chinese.

  3. Costume can be home made or store bought.( But it is important to note that 5 automatic votes are given to people who made their costumes )

  4. Costume can be made or bought for yourself, friends, pets or children.

  5. Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction and the works will be disqualified from this competition.

  6. Include a photo of you, your friends, children or pets in halloween costumes that you purchased or made, and holding a paper with your Steemit Id for verify

  7. The judging is open to all steemians.

  8. You are free to use any method to create your costume.

  9. The deadline for the event is November 5, 00:00 Hong Kong time.


  1. Please write a new post, include the title : "Hallosteem costume contest" in your post's title

  2. One of the tags must be: "Hallosteem-costume"

  3. Post a link or your entry below the comment thread.

  4. You are suggested to include a brief description on how you created your costume, what materials did you use, and where the idea of this costume came from.

  5. Contestants may submit up to 2 entries.

💰Prize Pool = $100 (updated on 09/10/2017 ) 💰

The initial prize pool will be 100 SBD.

The total pot will be divided as follow:

1st prize : 50% of the prize pool
2nd prize : 30% of the prize pool
3rd prize : 10% of the prize pool
4th and 5th prize : 5% of the prize pool


Sponsorship is welcomed and you are free to leave a message in the format as below "Hallosteem Costume Contest: personal message". Message is limited to 20 words.

I will update the contest information twice weekly about contestants, prize pool report and the sponsor's messages.


Judging is opened to all Steemians. Each Steemian will have 3 votes. The number of votes will be adjusted depending on the number of participants

Hallosteem 大賽 2017 🎃


1. Hallosteem 化妝比賽🎭


2. Hallosteem 服裝比賽💃🏼


3. Hallosteem 攝影比賽📷


4. Hallosteem 抽獎🌈




2017 Hallosteem服裝大賽 🎃 👻 🌙

(Photo Source: Google)


  1. 本次比賽是開放給所有的Steemit社區的所有朋友

  2. 本次比賽僅限於語言障礙,請以中文或英文提交您的帖子。

  3. 服裝可以是自製或購買(但要注意: 自制的朋友會有5個自動票)

  4. 比賽不限於個人,參賽者可為自己,朋友,孩子或寵物打扮和設計

  5. 任何竊取他人作品的行為都被認為是嚴重的違規行為,違規者將被取消參賽資格。

  6. 參加者需附上一張參賽作品和你Steemit ID 同時出現的真實照片作為認證

  7. 活動截止日期為香港時間11月5日00:00。


  1. 請開一個新帖子,帖子的標題請加上:“Hallosteem服裝比賽”

  2. 帖子內使用活動標籤#Hallosteem-costume

  3. 參選帖子的連結貼在本帖子下的參選區

  4. 內容方面可自由發揮,建議大家可簡要介紹參賽服裝的感,制作服裝的過程,服裝的材料,等等

  5. 參賽者最多可提交2個參賽作品。

💰獎池= $100(於14/10/2017更新)💰

始初的獎池會是我個人讚助的100 SBD










Submit Your Costume Entry Now!


IMG_2284.JPG IMG_2283.JPG

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The first contest is about costumes? Already have the photos of the make up done hahaha So, gonna work hard on my Costume ! Thanks for the opportunity


Contests about photographs and makeup will be up soon. :) can't wait to see your costume entry ;)

Good post
I like


Thank you :)


Yes are welcome
do not forget to visit

I like your every post....I also like this post .but, in this post I can not fulfill understand this content...if u have some time, so,plz talk about more....


Thank you, may I know which part of the content you don't understand? If you are saying the Chinese part, they are exactly the same as the English but just language written is different :)

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Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings


Thank you for your comment. I think you should join the Hallosteem Photography contest held by @arronli ;)

An excellent idea for me will be a pleasure to participate, in an opportunity I made with slipknot masks, we will see if I still have skill.


Can't wait to see your entry :)

I found the first thing I do was to check if my name is spelling right or wrong XD


lol, I double check it la!

Hi @krischy, very interesting contests.

Hi Krischy,

Brian from @sportsteem here. We wanted to sponsor the costume contest for anyone doing a sports design. Already sent payments to @nicolemoker for 1st / 2nd / 3rd place. Thought this would be a fun way to encourage diversity and get people even more excited about sports.

I'm available on steemit.chat @justbc if you have time to talk. I tried to reach out to Nicole on there but haven't heard back.

Very good post fri.I support for your everythings post good luck

@krischy Its very interesting info.. Terrific post keep it up.


Thank you~

Hi! @krischy
I'm @hjk96
Nice to meet you
I am happy to participate in this contest!

Maximum tag length is 24 characters
So I used tag #hallosteem-costume


Thank you so much!


Hi @hjk96, thank you for participating in this competition.
Sure, thank you for bringing up the tag problem. I will remind people to use tag #hallosteem-costume for this competition~

Great Idea, looking forward to see what kind of costumes people come up with here on steemit!


Same here:)

This is such a fun contest. Thanks for hosting it!!!
Here's my entry. :)