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Welcome Back!

I was just about to go up to the attic and rummage through my old trunks for last year's ornamental brain preserves. It wouldn't be Halloween without them... Which reminds me... it's just about time we open anther window, isn't it? Lets see what we have in store for us tonight behind window number eight!

Oh no! It's the Jackal! Run!! He ruins everything... Hide your kids! Hide your wives!
But especially your kids...


'cause... you know...

The Misfits - Theme for a Jackal

That's all for tonight. Thanks for Stopping by!

Come back soon, each day I’ll open another window into the spirit realm and unleash a Misfits favorite :)

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Happy Halloween boys and ghouls,
-Doctor Onion

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Cool post!!!


Thanks @ninahaskin!


You're welcome!🎃👻☠💀👿