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RE: 🍒 Hallosteem Photography Contest Entry: The Catrinas ENG/SPA 🐈

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That's an interesting idea about using the cemetery. What do you do with your photo's? Is there a market for them or are you just making them for fun?

In my mind a photography studio either charges the people who have their pictures taken, or create photographs made to order for catalogs or other advertisers. Are there other ways to earn an income from taking pictures?


Hello happyme 😊, to answer your question there are a lot of ways to make profit from photos, but this photoshoot was about something else, the idea was to make promotional photoshoots to make my girls and my project known, also it was a way to get more girls, I was trying to find talented girls and then make them Idols, similar to japanese idols, we teach them how to model, dance, sing and perform in front of a camera, we would make money once we had a show, but I was not able to make money because of several reasons, one of them was that I'm bad at planning and at selling my project to potential investors, I think Im not a Manager or Entrepeneur, maybe I could learn

Ah, yes, the SELLING part. I understand that part perfectly. I'm like you and am not a salesman. I think I would have a hard time convincing a dying man in a desert that my water would save his life. Yet there are people who could sell sand to those who live with sand all around them. It takes many skills to run a successful business. Best wishes!