Donating her hair to charity- how Abigail is helping young cancer patients

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Meet Abigail she is 18 year's of age and is currently studying travel and tourism, hoping to be an air stewardess one day.

Abigail has always been the true-life Rapunzel. Her hair once reached down to her knee's as she refused to get any cutoff.
That was until she was a teenager when she decided enough was enough and started having regular trims at the salon.
Her hair soon grew back though and it was at this point my partner (Abigail's aunt) told her about a wonderful cause in which she could donate a substantial amount to help children who are receiving treatment, have wig's.
This was an issue close to our family's heart as my niece, Candice had recently had a bone marrow transplant which as part of the process, had to undertake chemotherapy. that later resulted in mass hair loss.
candice split (2).png
Candice has primordial Dwarfism and had to under go a stem cell transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital
Thanks to organizations like Little Princess Trust Candice was able to get a wig which helped her cope a lot easier with the whole process.

Getting The Chop

The day came for Abigail to have her hair chopped and she decided to donate 14 inches to the Little Princess Trust
abigail hair.jpg
Once done she acquired the relevant donation form from the website and filled out her donation.
She is now sending her donation away and the whole process was simple.
33867813_10156345595774520_8526848252635512832_n (3)_LI.jpg

Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust was launched in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee, along with help from friends and her School, Hannah was Sadly diagnosed as having a Wilms tumour and after a brave battle, died in 2005.

At that time, finding high-quality wigs for children was very difficult and only after a long search was a suitable company eventually found. She very much enjoyed wearing her wig, particularly on special occasions.

After Hannah passed away, so many kind people offered help, financial and practical. Hannah’s parents, Wendy and Simon decided that the most fitting way to use this help was to launch a charity dedicated to providing specialist real hair children’s wigs. Like so many Little Princesses, Hannah loved her hair and losing it was very traumatic.

Little Princess Trust gives away free real hair wigs to children that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses. In addition to this, in partnership with CCLG (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group), they fund research into childhood cancers.

Celebrities like Jessie j, Harry styles and even ( just recently) The Dutchess of Cambridge herself has donated to to LPT (Little Princess Trust) which you can read about here:


The @hairshares project is looking to reward people willing to donate their hair to a worthy cause or those able to convince a loved one to do the same.
If you haven't heard of hairshares you can read there post here

Check them out through the Whaleshares Discord by clicking the following invite link:

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this is so touching and a beautiful post. tears came to my eyes. i volunteer and give 12 complimentary sessions to cancer patients. this is a beautiful cause! thank you for sharing and you GO abigail!!


Thanks for your wonderful reply. We need to do all we can to tackle the issue around cancer and it’s great hearing what others are doing.


you are so welcome and thank you again for sharing.

Fabulous post...Fabulous charity...Fabulous hair!

No not yours...Abigails.

I am quite familiar with the charity actually as my good Lady, her Sister and our Daughters all donated hair to this worthy initiative and did some fundrasing too to help boost the self-esteem of young girls all the way upto young ladies who are already going through the most traumatic of ordeals.

It is awesome that you have highlighted this to those who have never heard of it and now realise how easy donating really can be!

This is probably the most relevant post I have ever seen linked with the amazing @hairshares community under the epic umbrella of @whaleshares.

For those of you across the pond thinking of donating to somewhere a little closer to home learning about hairshares in the post above will direct you to some FAB links to similar charities Stateside.


Thankyou @stevenwood if this post can get just one person to donate, then it will be the best reward I could possibly of achieved.
#hairshares is a great place to start.

Wow! Que buena fundación. Les deseo que sigan creciendo.

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Great post, inspirational.

This is a good cause, I hope I remember it next year when I get my haircut, it is getting thinner, and takes a little longer to grow than it used to, still in one year I could have enough for a wig or maybe two short hair wigs.


A lot better to donate than watching fall on the salon floor and see it swept up and binned.
I hope in the future other organisations like this one can do just half as much.


It would be nice if more salons advertised this type of charity to remind people getting their haircut that it can be put to a better use than lining some rats den or bird nest out at the dump.


The one where Abigail went to does it exactly that and published it on Facebook too.

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thank you

Awesome post and I am really proud of her and proud of you for raising her this way.


she ain't my daughter but she is my niece and she is fantastic. thank you for your comments

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This is such a wonderful thing! Many blessings to Abigail for thinking of others and helping in this way! 💜


Thank you. I will ensure Abigail hears you kind words