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Yesterday, I introduced the Hairshares project, where we will be trying to encourage the reward of donating hair across Steemit. If you haven't already, please read the Hairshares Introduction post, where we talk about all the different ways to participate, even if you're bald!

If you're willing to donate your hair, here are a few things to check out before you start snipping. Check with your local salon to see if they'll give you a discount!

See If You Qualify

Each Hair Donation charity has different criteria for accepting hair. It pays to look into what those are before heading to the salon. Here are the three major charities and what they require:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Length: 8 inches minimum
Condition: No split ends. No dyed, bleached or chemically treated hair. Less than 5% gray.

Wigs For Kids
Length: 12 inches minimum
Condition: Split ends are fine. No gray, permed, color-treated or highlighted hair accepted.

Locks For Love
Length: 10 inches minimum
Condition: Split ends, colored, permed hair are all fine. No bleached or highlighted hair allowed.

Where Do You Want The Hair To Go?

Each charity has a special story and reason for making their wigs. If you resonate with one of these and your hair qualifies, it makes a great fit.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Wigs go to people undergoing cancer treatment, usually women. They are given directly to the patient at no cost whatsoever. Pantene works with the American Cancer Society to aid in the distribution.

Wigs for Kids
Wigs are given to kids suffering from cancer, alopecia, or other hair-related illnesses. Wigs and care packages are given to the patients. Each wig is specifically crafted and styled for the child.

Locks for Love
Wigs are given to girls suffering from alopecia, but burns and cancer are also reasons for being given a wig. Most are free and are styled and molded to each specific child.

Where To Send

Once you've got your hair sheared off, package it up cleanly and securely and send it on its way. Wigs for Kids and Locks for Love both ask for donation forms, so don't forget!

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Pantene Beautiful Lengths Attn: 192-123
806 SE 18th Ave.
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Wigs for Kids
Wigs for Kids – Hair Donations
24231 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, Ohio 44145.
(Include the Hair Donation Form)

Locks of Love
Locks of Love
234 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405-2701
(Include the Hair Donation Form)

Now that you're all set, make your appointment! Take some pictures, make a post, use the "Hairshares" tag and earn some rewards!


Good to know where to send :)

This is a great idea! My girlfriend's (@morganannwood) mother owns a large salon in North Florida and they regularly have people donate their hair to these causes!

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That's fantastic. Will be in touch on an idea.

Sounds good my man!

This is perfect, I was planning on donating my hair just wasn't sure where. And I get rewards as a side bonus, awesome!