Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku - WEEK #19

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window frost

the old typewriter's

unwanted silence

haiku by Willie Bongcaron

The poetic contest of Bananafish, now with a jackpot of 3 to 5 SBI

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For those that want to unleash their poetic potential, here is how this contest works:

• Look at the prompt image and let yourself be inspired by it.

• Write a haiku related to the prompt image. The haiku should be composed by 1-3 short verses with no title. The classical haiku form is 3 verses of 5/7/5 syllables, but other forms are allowed, as long as they remain in absolute brevity.

• If you aren’t confident with English enough, you can write your haiku in Spanish, French, or Italian as well. Only remember, if you write in languages different from English, please include an English translation for other readers.

• Post the haiku on your blog or in the comment section below this post. If you make your own post, don’t forget to put the link to it in the comment section below!

Don't forget to use the tag:


Watch out for the @bananafish comment to this post, under which you can cast your vote (and try to win the Best Comment award)

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Prompt Image:

mizu 19.jpg [photo by @marcoriccardi ]


Do you want to know how we evaluate the submitted haiku? These are the characteristics we search for (but not mandatorily):

• Kireji (切れ字), a cut between the 1st and the 2nd verses, or between the 2nd and the 3rd; the cut can be grammatical, as a sign of punctuation, or it can be a cut in the meaning, like two different images.

• Kigo (季語), an explicit or implicit reference to a season, that defines the time of the year in which the haiku is composed or referred to.

• Sabi (寂), the sense of the inexorable passage of time, the beauty or serenity that accompanies the advance of age, when the life of the objects and its impermanence are highlighted by patina and wear or by any visible repairs.

• Wabi (侘寂), the taste for frugal and natural things, rustic simplicity, freshness or silence; it can be applied to both natural and artificial objects, or even non-ostentatious elegance.

• Mono no aware (物の哀れ), empathy with nature and human life; the "feeling of things", nostalgia, regret for the passing of time, understanding of the changeability and of the transience without suffering.

• Yūgen (幽玄), sense of wonder and mystery; it represents the state of mind produced by the inexplicable fascination of things, the feeling of an 'other' universe, full of mysterious unity.

• Karumi (軽み), beauty in simplicity; poetic beauty reflected in its simplicity, free from preconceptions and moral judgment.

• Shiori (しおり), gentleness; the levity and the delicate charm that radiates from the verses, where things are evoked in the reader without aggressiveness or excessive explicitness.


Submission deadline: Wednesday 13th February, 11:59 PM, GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

The results will be out on Thursday 14th February, 1:00 PM, GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

I wish everyone good luck!

Your banana haikufish




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Los 3 haikus que más me gustaron fueron los de @salvao, @aurodivys y @agmoore.

Cada uno refleja una realidad diferente, el haiku de @aurodivys refleja indiferencia, el amor extinto. Mientras que en el poema de @salvao el amor está todavía latente y nos encontramos esperando la llegada de ese ser querido. Por otro lado, @agmoore es más visceral, dejando de lado el amor y centrándose en un sentido muy práctico y muy válido.

Es una decisión difícil, pero mi voto es a favor de @salvao. Es la realidad menos dramática de las 3, pero cumple con la métrica, y se desarrolla completamente. un haiku muy maduro y muy bonito.


Mi voto para @agmoore , me gusta la crudeza de su haiku entre tanto romanticismo :)


Mi voto es para @salvao.


Mi voto es para @aurodivys


Me resulto difícil decidirme, pero voto por @salvao.


I throw my vote to @salvao. Wish I could vote for all.


Interesantes ejercicios han surgido a partir de la fotografía de @marcoriccardi. La mayoría destacando la situación incongruente entre el ramo de rosas y el gato en reposo. Los que más me gustaron fueron los de @oscarina, @salvao, @agmoore, @lecumberre, @mllg, @iamthegray, @adncabrera y @darthgexe. Mi voto es para @iamthegray. Su ejercicio (traducido al español: El amor como un gato aburrido / Dormir en la víspera de San Valentín / Las flores son en vano) logra expresar, de modo entre irónico y directo, la disociación que la realidad de la foto nos muestra, trasmitiendo la significación de un cierto absurdo; y esto lo realiza con frases muy puntuales, bien construidas, cumpliendo en el original (en inglés) con la métrica tradicional del haiku.

Roses in the jar
A cat's tail flirting with them
But the cat is drunk


Hi! A funny haiku


I guess I do those now. Being the clown. Somebody has to?

Thanks :)


Excellent your Haiku, I never imagined that the cat would be drunk, hehehe


Thank you. I would like not to consider other possibilities. Lazy is not what I would settle for ;)


lol, very funny, I try to imagine a drunk cat and I die laughing.

I like the cut from the second to the third sentence.


Now that you say that, me too :) While it's still standing, at least. Cause mine is beyond that.

Thanks and have fun!


From my point of view, many cats always behave like drunkards of life!


That's right!
The cat is drunk!
It made me smile.

Your picture struck me this week not with the usual joy (although I do like the cat's tail) but with a bit of sorrow. Here was my immediate response. It's what I felt...

Roses imprisoned
In cellophane and ribbon
Already they die


A strong meanning,
but it's right;
with the cellophane they will die.


Yes, cut roses are a frail tribute to love, cellophane or non-cellophane they last only a week or so...


I never understood cutting a plant to give away...I give the whole plant. Makes much more sense to me, intrinsically. But then, when I was growing up, there were plants all around me (country girl). So I guess that makes sense.


True, cut flowers already travel to death even if they are fresh.


Maybe we should give pictures of flowers, instead, or whole plants that can cheer a room for years.


Pequeños jardines a nuestro alrededor.
A hug!

Valentine his Day
I sent you love, best wishes.
Kitty loves you too!


I like the idea of this haiku written like it's a Valentine's Day card.
Very complete. With cat included!


Wellcome Kitty.
Your haiku is a nice one.
Be lucky.


This could be the message attached to the roses! Nice!

Cuando escribía mi haikú, la pregunta en el fondo de mi búsqueda era qué conectaba la realidad del gato con el ramo de rosas.
Los ejercicios presentados han dado una cantidad de respuestas asombrosas.
En la entrada que escribí para esta semana, comenté el principio del Shiori, y trata justamente de esto: cómo el texto comunica su mirada. Algunos, como @manoldonchev y @wakeupkitty, encontraron una forma divertida o irónica de comunicar el hecho de que, ciertamente, las rosas están abandonadas en un rincón y ya no importan mucho, bien porque el dueño del presente de amor ya no ama o porque el remitente ya no es el favorito. Otros encontraron un camino dramático, y leen la realidad desde la inevitable muerte o lo efímero de la existencia, o también desde la brevedad de la pasión, como @darthgexe, @aurodivys, @josemalavem, @evagavilan o @agmoore. Otros traducen una esperanza, como el de @salvao, o una sonrisa armónica, como el de @oacevedo, @acostacazorla, @solperez o el de @tristancarax...
Divertidas, intensas, esperanzadas, hermosas miradas que comunican dos realidades aparentemente ajenas. Para mí, sus textos han sido una riquísima exploración.
Muy difícil votar por uno, pero lo haré por el de @wakeupkitty, porque el humor y la ironía en poesía, y sobre todo en un haikú, me parecen muy difíciles de lograr. Y porque se nota que ella ama a los gatos!

When I was writing my haiku, the question at the bottom of my search was what connected the reality of the cat with the bouquet of roses.
The exercises presented have given a number of amazing answers.
In the post I wrote for this week, I commented on the principle of Shiori, and it deals precisely with this: how the text communicates your vision. Some, like @manoldonchev and @wakeupkitty, found an amusing or ironic way to communicate the fact that, certainly, roses are abandoned in a corner and no longer matter much, either because the owner of the gift of love no longer loves or because the sender is no longer the favorite. Others found a dramatic path, and read reality from the inevitable death or the ephemeral of existence, or also from the brevity of passion, such as @darthgexe, @aurodivys, @josemalavem, @evagavilan or @agmoore. Others translate a hope, like that of @salvao, or a harmonic smile, like that of @oacevedo, @acostacazorla, @solperez or that of @tristancarax...
Funny, intense, hopeful, beautiful looks that communicate two apparently foreign realities. For me, their texts have been a very rich exploration.
It's very difficult to vote for one, but I'll do it for @wakeupkitty, because humor and irony in poetry, and especially in a haiku, seem very difficult to achieve. And because you can tell that she loves cats!


Awesome review!




You know, I like hers, too. Makes it so difficult to choose one over the other. Hers is so clever!


True. And there are many very good ones.

Hello I leave you my participation for this week:

Bellas flores, ¡No!
Un presente olvidado
detrás del gato

Beautiful flowers, no!
A forgotten present
behind the cat

I apologize for not having voted a favorite haiku this week, I wanted to wait until the last day for more people to participate and the internet played a trick on me, this time I promise that I will be voting no later than Wednesday.


Como pudieron olvidar
tan hermosos ramo de flores?

Me encanto tu Haiku


How could they forget
So beautiful bouquet of flowers?

I loved your Haiku


Creo que lo olvidaron a propósito, lo dejaron allí en el Rincón, junto al gato.


Pareciera. Sí.
Me gustó tu haikú!

Saludos, amigos de @bananafish y participantes en el concurso. Dejo a continuación el enlace de mi participación y el ejercicio original en español y la versión e inglés.


Rosas pasivas
ofrecen su belleza
Nadie la aprecia

Passive Roses
offer their beauty
No one appreciates her


Buen haiku.
En realidad se produce esa sensación


Las rosas parecen estar abandonadas. Y el gato dormido comunica más soledad.
The roses seem to be abandoned. And the sleeping cat communicates more solitude.

Por aquí estoy, sin mucha bulla, con mi haiku. Saludos, y deseos de dicha a todos, en nombre de Dios, así como éxitos en esta nueva edición.


Buena composición poética

Tal vez a quietud de las rosas adormecieron al minino.

Que apasionante son los Haiku


Sentí ternura en tu composición.
Es linda

Me hago presente en la semana 19 con un nuevo Haiku

Ramo de rosas
con aroma a pasión,
vela su sueño
Bouquet of roses
with the aroma of passion,
he watches over his dream.


Son rosas rojas, la pasión está allí. Sin embargo ese gato...
Es muy interesante la cantidad de sentidos que se aprecian en los textos.

Saludos, amigos de @bananafish. Estoy de vuelta con mi haikú. Suerte para todos los participantes.

Les dejo el link por acá: https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@aurodivys/mizunooto-cadaimagentienesuhaiku-semana19-7i6crxm0co

Iniciando con esta motivación. Aquí dejo mi participación.

Starting with this motivation. Here I leave my participation.


Very nice to see a contest set up. Here is my entry thanks again for all you do to support us all.


Aquí mi humilde participación. Éxito para todos.


He leído casi todos los Haiku publicados, todos reúnen una emotividad poética cargada de inspiración romántica.

Que creación @salvao, muy bueno.


And oone more time, very nice.

Hola! Aquí les dejo el link conmi participación para esta semana.
¡Qué gane el mejor!

I hope you all enjoy it.
Good luck everybody and ¡Be happy!

I had a post written out and it disappeared on me because steempeak did something weird. I'll have to post tomorrow.


Dang! But don't worry, you're still on time! ;)


Aún puedes. No te preocupes por la extensión, que no ocupa muco papel, je, je. Participa haciéndolo bien, que eso es lo más importante.


I had to translate into English. As I understand what you wrote, the problem was a posting issue. Nothing to do with creating a haiku.

Thanks though.

Votado y promocionado.

Something weird is happening. My post shows up when I use my phone but not computer. I’ll be able to repost at about 12:30. Here is proof of my entry. 40761EDEAB04482F83995275DABDA2F1.png


I can see it and interact with the post (upvote, but not comment) on Steemit.com!

For everybody: the entry by @tristancarax is

Whisking cat tail dance -
Red roses, intertwined ribbon
Light pierces the clear vase


thanks oh great one!

It is showing up on my comp. now. Here is the link.


Love like a bored cat
Slumbers at Valentine's eve
Flowers are in vain


Queridos amigos, aquí mi entrada /
Dear friends, this is my entry:

La rosa, el gato;
lo real, un cristal
entre ambos mundos.


The rose, the cat;
the real, a crystal
between both worlds.


¡Suerte para todos!

Good luck to you all!