Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest - WEEK #13

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hatsu yuki ya furusato miyuru kabe no ana


early snowfall–

looking at my village

from a hole in the wall

Haiku by Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828), tr. Luca Cenisi

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For those that want to unleash their poetic potential, here is how this contest works:

• Look at the prompt image and let yourself be inspired by it.

• Write a haiku related to the prompt image. The haiku should be composed by 3 verses with no title. The 1st verse should be 5 syllables long, the 2nd verse should be 7 syllables long, and the 3rd verse should be 5 syllables long again.

• If you aren’t confident with English enough, you can write your haiku in Spanish, French, or Italian as well. Only remember, if you write in languages different from English, please include an English translation for other readers.

• Post the haiku on your blog or in the comment section below this post. If you make your own post, don’t forget to put the link to it in the comment section below!

Don't forget to use the tag:


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Prompt Image:

mizu no oto 13.jpg

[photo by @f3nix ]


Do you want to know how we evaluate the submitted haiku? These are the characteristics we search for:

• Kireji (切れ字), a cut between the 1st and the 2nd verses, or between the 2nd and the 3rd; the cut can be grammatical, as a sign of punctuation, or it can be a cut in the meaning, like two different images.

• Kigo (季語), an explicit or implicit reference to a season, that defines the time of the year in which the haiku is composed or referred to.

• Sabi (寂), the sense of the inexorable passage of time, the beauty or serenity that accompanies the advance of age, when the life of the objects and its impermanence are highlighted by patina and wear or by any visible repairs.

• Wabi (侘寂), the taste for frugal and natural things, rustic simplicity, freshness or silence; it can be applied to both natural and artificial objects, or even non-ostentatious elegance.

• Mono no aware (物の哀れ), empathy with nature and human life; the "feeling of things", nostalgia, regret for the passing of time, understanding of the changeability and of the transience without suffering.

• Yūgen (幽玄), sense of wonder and mystery; it represents the state of mind produced by the inexplicable fascination of things, the feeling of an 'other' universe, full of mysterious unity.

• Karumi (軽み), beauty in simplicity; poetic beauty reflected in its simplicity, free from preconceptions and moral judgment.

• Shiori (しおり), gentleness; the levity and the delicate charm that radiates from the verses, where things are evoked in the reader without aggressiveness or excessive explicitness.


Submission deadline: Wednesday 19th December, 11:59 PM, GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

The results will be out on Thursday 20th December, 1:00 PM, GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

I wish everyone good luck!

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The dogs think they're cool,
luxuriating in sun.
Cats are not happy.

Ah, cats, dogs, and sunshine....the best.


Cats are more discreet in showing their feelings... I love the word "luxuriating"!


Yeah, and it took up a whole line. How neat is that :)

Do not trust them pets
Peacefully lying they seem
Contemplating War

Sorry, only jokes such as this come to me right now. Or are they jokes? ...


You have all the rights to write jokes, if this is what the photo inspires to you. Many haiku masters of the past have indulged in jokes, that's the very origin of this poetic form, before it became more serious.

once wild hunters
now specialized beggars
them lazy bastards.


Adaptation, evolution... revolution... Is there a song like this? If not, there should be ;)


Welcome to Mizu no Oto! Thank you for the smile you gave us...I think the poet here shows an ill-concealed envy for the life of the pets!

In a row, mat cats,
dusty dogs do their duty,
lie outside and wait.


I like how yur haiku sounds. There's attention to the rhythm, not only the metric! Plus, it's ironic. Brava!

The sun lands across
Beasts that guard the gates to hell
Tired purgatory


Welcome back, Gaby! We missed your haiku!

Amigos en el haiku:
Saludos, me encanta leerlos.
Les dejo mi participación en el concurso de esta semana:

Mascotas yacen

Las sillas en la sombra
Sol, luz, reflejos.

Pets lie down.
The chairs in the shade.
Sun, light, reflections.


Y nos encanta leer tus haiku! Buena suerte!

Saludos, amigos de @bananafish y demás concursantes. Aquí el enlace de mi participación:

El frío irrumpe
El sol cubre y reúne
la vida simple

Una versión posible en inglés:

The cold bursts in
The sun covers and gathers
the simple life

Scrabbling for time,
and a haiku that rhymed,
managed one of two 😉

Here is my entry:


Vote your favorite haiku down here!


Como suelo hacer, comunico los que me gustaron como ejercicios de haiku en torno a la fotografía propuesta por @f3nix.
Sin establecer un orden, son los de @javert68justice, @cyemela, @evagavilan, @felixgarciap, @marcybetancourt, @oacevedo y @kymberlylane.
De todos ellos, voto por el ejercicio de @felixgarciap. Me parece que capta el sentido de la fotografía desde una visión que no se distancia de la que esta ofrece, dando cuenta de lo que sus elementos pueden suponer, tanto en consideración del tiempo, las figuras que en ella están presentes, y la posible significación que la reunión de esos elementos posibilitan. Se capta el tiempo (el frío, que anuncia el invierno), los perros y gatos recibiendo el calor del sol para abrigarse de aquel, y la paz que esto supone.

As I usually do, I communicate what I liked as haiku exercises around photography proposed by @f3nix.
Without establishing an order, they are @javert68justice, @cyemela, @evagavilan, @felixgarciap, @marcybetancourt, @oacevedo and @kymberlylane.
Of all of them, vote for the exercise of @felixgarciap. It seems to me that it captures the sense of photography from a vision that is not distanced from that which it offers, realizing what its elements can suppose, both in consideration of time, the figures that are present in it, and the possible significance that the meeting of those elements make possible. The time is captured (the cold, that announces the winter), the dogs and cats receiving the heat of the sun to be sheltered from it, and the peace that this supposes.


Esta semana me han agradado 4 Haiku. @raj808 de manera brillante nos recuerda a los ausentes, es decir, a los roedores, ya que el astro rey es para todos. Por otra parte, @felixgarciap ofrece versos serenos y ejercita su haiku en la armonía de la vida. En términos de imágenes literarias votaría sin dudas por el haiku de @evagavilan, no obstante veo que no necesariamente cumple con la métrica. Y @josemalavem nos invita a comprender que los estados del tiempo pueden cambiar pero que la vida es simple y sencilla; además deja entrever el encuentro de todas las especies cuando es necesario. Mi favorito @josemalavem

This week I have liked 4 Haiku. @raj808 brilliantly reminds us of the absent, that is, the rodents, since the king star is for everyone. On the other hand, @felixgarciap offers serene verses and exercises his haiku in the harmony of life. In terms of literary images I would vote without hesitation for the haiku of @evagavilan, however I see that it does not necessarily comply with the metric. And @josemalavem invites us to understand that the weather can change but that life is simple and simple; it also lets glimpse the meeting of all species when necessary. My favorite @josemalavem


La curiosa fotografía de @f3nix hace brotar imágenes idílicas sobre la amistad, o enemistad, entre perros y gatos. Yo veo en las sillas la presencia humana y, en el juego de sombras, diversas posibilidades para estar.

Mi haiku favorito de esta semana es el de @theironfelix porque devuelve los animales a la naturaleza, aunque no renuncia a interpretarlos, en su juego verbal.

The curious photograph of @ f3nix brings forth idyllic images of friendship, or enmity, between dogs and cats. I see in the chairs the human presence and, in the game of shadows, various possibilities to be.

My favorite haiku this week is @ theironfelix because it returns the animals to nature, although he does not renounce to interpret them, in his verbal game.


@oacevedo, voto por tu haiku, por el compañerismo que supone, la calidez y la paz que transmite. El haz de sol denota la luz de la esperanza. Me gustó el sentimiento que transmites. ¡Éxito en tu participación!

@bananafish, una vez más me acerco a leer y compartir al lado de los participantes esta hermosa forma de expresión. Aquí les dejo mi participación. ¡Saludos! https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@evagavilan/mizu-no-oto-every-image-has-its-haiku-contest-week-13

@acostacazorla tiene problemas con el internet. Les dejo por aquí el enlace de su participación: https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@acostacazorla/mizu-no-oto-every-image-has-its-haiku-contest-week-13
De antemano, gracias por el apoyo y la consideración.

Hi, sweet little fishes of @bananafish, my entry https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@marcybetancourt/mizu-no-oto-every-image-has-its-haiku-contest-week-13

Ventisca fría.
El día soleado
hay que aprovechar.

Cold blizzard.
The sunny day
there is to take advantage.

El primer verso de extraordinaria precisión en el haiku nos ubica en esta fecha de solsticio (y de fiestas donde, de manera general, reinan la concordia y la cordialidad) para luego, en el cambio de significados, hacernos fijar la atención en los protagonistas de la cariñosa fotografía de @f3nix donde convive en armonía la naturaleza.
Considero que son 3 versos de delicada belleza, un poema de sonidos cristalinos.

Sol invernal,
entre buenos amigos
calor leal.

Mi voto es para @evagavilan.

Thank you for running the haiku contest. Here is my entry.

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Here be me entry to this contest here:

Crunch, crackle, clip, clop
"The sun's love a tad strong, eh?"
- heard by resting pets.