Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest - WEEK #11

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meigetsu ya me ni okinagara tooi hokō


the moon of autumn –

held by my eyes

along the way

Haiku by Fukuda Chiyo-ni (1703-1775)

The renowned poetic contest of Bananafish!

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For those that want to unleash their poetic potential, here is how this contest works:

• Look at the prompt image and let yourself be inspired by it.

• Write a haiku related to the prompt image. The haiku should be composed by 3 verses with no title. The 1st verse should be 5 syllables long, the 2nd verse should be 7 syllables long, and the 3rd verse should be 5 syllables long again.

• If you aren’t confident with English enough, you can write your haiku in Spanish, French, or Italian as well. Only remember, if you write in languages different from English, please include an English translation for other readers.

• Post the haiku on your blog or in the comment section below this post. If you make your own post, don’t forget to put the link to it in the comment section below!

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Prompt Image:

mizu no oto 11.jpg

[photo by @f3nix ]


Do you want to know how we evaluate the submitted haiku? These are the characteristics we search for:

• Kireji (切れ字), a cut between the 1st and the 2nd verses, or between the 2nd and the 3rd; the cut can be grammatical, as a sign of punctuation, or it can be a cut in the meaning, like two different images.

• Kigo (季語), an explicit or implicit reference to a season, that defines the time of the year in which the haiku is composed or referred to.

• Sabi (寂), the sense of the inexorable passage of time, the beauty or serenity that accompanies the advance of age, when the life of the objects and its impermanence are highlighted by patina and wear or by any visible repairs.

• Wabi (侘寂), the taste for frugal and natural things, rustic simplicity, freshness or silence; it can be applied to both natural and artificial objects, or even non-ostentatious elegance.

• Mono no aware (物の哀れ), empathy with nature and human life; the "feeling of things", nostalgia, regret for the passing of time, understanding of the changeability and of the transience without suffering.

• Yūgen (幽玄), sense of wonder and mystery; it represents the state of mind produced by the inexplicable fascination of things, the feeling of an 'other' universe, full of mysterious unity.

• Karumi (軽み), beauty in simplicity; poetic beauty reflected in its simplicity, free from preconceptions and moral judgment.

• Shiori (しおり), gentleness; the levity and the delicate charm that radiates from the verses, where things are evoked in the reader without aggressiveness or excessive explicitness.


Submission deadline: Wednesday 5th December, 11:59 PM, GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

The results will be out on Thursday 6th December, 1:00 PM, GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

I wish everyone good luck!

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[banner credit: @f3nix]

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Sunny fishing bay
Boats idle with hauling net
Are the fish safe now?

This picture leads me to less contemplation than some of the others. Except that I think about the fish that have been and will be in those nets.


We try to include a variety of pictures, some more introspective, some more lifelike, some humourous, some bizarre... anyway, you managed to write a beautiful haiku for this one!


I guess I love nature so much--I identify it with haiku. This obviously did get me thinking. Thanks for the compliment.

throughout the summer,
held by ropes and hooks,
the boat stand strong.



Welcome back! Thank you for your haiku

Vote your favorite haiku down here!


Es una fotografía de marcada sencillez y serenidad la que nos presenta @f3nix. No sabría decir a qué estación del año corresponde. Algunos indican el verano. Es un poco difícil para una persona como yo, que vive en un país tropical (Venezuela), dilucidar con precisión, pues aquí todos los días (excepcto contadas excepciones) hay sol. Aprecio unos ejercicios valiosos como los de @blueeyes8960, @javert68 y @stever82, pero me inclino por los de @aurodivys y @marcybetancourt. Creo que logran esas cualidades que la tradición japonesa llama Shiori, Karumi y Mono no aware, al dar cuenta de la situación de las cosas (barcos), del contexto (mar) y del tiempo (día) en confluencia, advirtiendo la presencia de lo porvenir: la labor del hombre.

It is a photograph of marked simplicity and serenity the one that presents us @f3nix. I wouldn't know which season of the year it corresponds to. Some indicate summer. It is a little difficult for a person like me, who lives in a tropical country (Venezuela), to elucidate with precision, because here every day (except a few exceptions) there is sun. I appreciate valuable exercises like @blueeyes8960, @javert68 and @stever82, but I prefer @aurodivys and @marcybetancourt. I think they achieve those qualities that the Japanese tradition calls Shiori, Karumi and Mono no aware, by giving an account of the situation of things (ships), of the context (sea) and of time (day) in confluence, warning of the presence of the future: the work of man.


I have always loved harbors. In the old days, I studied to be an artist, and there is nowhere in the world so pleasant and salty and interesting as a bay full of boats for sketching. Light and shadow play across the hulls, masts and ropes, and there is a peacefulness in the sound of water lapping against the docks and boats. I used to love to sit and sketch, and became rather good at it. Fishing harbors are wonderful for photography as well. I have visited such places in a number of areas in the world, especially Greece and Italy, and the many coastal areas of the U.S. I now live in Minnesota, in the central U.S., so I can't enjoy the salt air unless I take a trip to the coast, but we have thousands of lakes here, and the boat harbors are just as interesting. Looking at this picture, I can almost smell the salt of the sea, and hear the gulls squawking and calling and looking for cast-off fish.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we are delighted that our little contest and the photo have awakened these pleasant memories ... only, you forgot to vote for your favorite haiku among those in competition ;)

Silent the harbor
Before the Sun turned white hot
So much life about


The quiet before awakening...a poetic hour that the haijin appreciates without a doubt!

Here's my second entry:

the nets at the docks
jumbled tangled in the sun -
rough seas forgotten


Thank you!

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Hi there, everyone!
Let's give it a try!
Here is my Haiku:

From the east, the Sun shines bright.
Strong waves from the north.
The boat rests at the harbor tonight.


Welcome to Mizu no Oto!


Hey! Thanks! <3


Yo Stever! Welcome back and don't forget the FtS 😉

@f3nix, I probably slept on those very docks in the picture. It was night time and so very long ago, so I don't remember much.

I did play guitar in the city for my food. I played for like five hours one day and made enough for a bottle of wine. I bought my wine, drank it, and played again. I made around fifteen euro then. hahaha


Was this experience in Italy? I play guitar too..It would be super cool to meet one day and play together!


Right there in Venice and other parts of Italy.

Unfortunately, I stopped playing. Maybe we could fool around though if I ever play again.


If you come in the North East of Italy again you know you've a place where to stay!


Thanks you. Let's will that into fruition.

Here be me entry for this contests:

"Docked, tethered, loaded"

Wish, wash, wham, wish, wash, woosh, wham

- Maritime noises.


Very nice, @theironfelix. I love the sounds. Be sure to add two more syllables to your second line. :)


UwU ~ thanks for reading, the compliments and spotting that error.


Lively, vivid!


UwU~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the compliments! Just the elementary noises of Maritime work.

Holaaa. My entry https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@marcybetancourt/mizu-no-oto-every-image-has-its-haiku-contest-week-11

Redes cansadas
descansan en los barcos.
¡El mar aguarda!

Tired networks
They rest on the boats.
The sea awaits!

Blue boats strewn with hay,
piles of empty herring nets,
cast in seas of stars.

Last week i didn't comment so my entry was not valid. So, Here's my...

¡My entry!


And the Haiku:

Desde los puertos:
¿Qué tantos sueños fluyen
surcando el mar?

From the ports:
How many dreams flow
sailing the sea?


I'm sorry for last week! With 27 entries, we didn't have the time to search for non linked posts with the same tag...


Yes! it was my fault, don't worry about it. I'm glad to participate on this contests.

Hola @bananafish, agradezco esta nueva oportunidad de participar en este hermoso concurso. Aquí mi Haiku https://steemit.com/haiku/@evagavilan/mizunooto-everyimagehasitshaikucontest-week11-yrawtdva2s

Hola, @bananafish, Dejo mi entrada por primera vez al concurso. los haikus me parecen tan hermosos y profundos, y la belleza está en su sencillez. éxito a todos

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Salud, @bananafish.
Esta es mi ponencia para el concurso de esta semana:
¡Suerte, compañeros!

Amigos de @bananafish y participantes en este concurso, aquí dejo mi participación. Gracias y saludos.


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Mi querido @salvao ¿Cómo estás? Me encantaría que siguieras con "El escondite". Deberías hacer una novela por entregas o algo así. Anímate pues talento tienes de sobra. Un abrazote.


Hola! Tenía pensado escribir un "epílogo" en algún momento... para cerrar algo mejor la historia. Lo tengo pendiente, también tengo ideas para cosas largas. En cualquier caso, Steemit hace que siga produciendo contenido, lo más bueno posible! Un Saludo!

I hope I'll have time to read some of these tomorrow before the dead line. Busy day.


a school of fish
a flock of birds
a net entangled and pure