Original Haiku #16 - White Happiness [Entry For @dbooster Haiku Contest #3]

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Original Haiku By : @memeitbaby

Well i intently created this haiku for a contest of @dbooster with a theme of "Out The Window" and while thinking on that topic i rememebered the snow the beautiful snow.. even thou i'm from a tropical country i still love snow :) i wonder how it feels :D

Well That's a wrap for now thanks for reading. If you do like it just leave an upvote and comment below.
i'll be glad if i see comments cause i knew i didn't fail to create a good Haiku.

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Just kidding!
Sweet haiku!

Goodluck on the contest! 👍

haha akalain mo yun may libreng upvote at comment bot in one ! ahaha ..
salamat @guri-gure haha .. magpapahinga muna ko kay haiku ngaun :) babalik ako pag steady na si sp walang masyadong bigay ee