Life Is Your Victory: The Antidote To Average

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Empire of success is the interior empire of greatness.

Lately, I figured out, that the reason I was tapping into procrastination was my toxic feelings I continually repressed. I lost the count of how many self-mastery classes, personal growth courses, books and workshops I attained, to understand one such obvious things. If you find yourself in my shoes right now, the one simple technique you can use to release these painful emotions is writing them in a journal and being grateful for the power your struggles gave you. Invoke the feeling of joy by merely being grateful.


It takes 66 days according to the latest science to install a new habit. You only need willpower for 66 days to reach automaticity. You need to stick to your success and goals for 66 days. Besides, happiness is a habit, too.

As I’ve been mastering my clarity, vision, goals, and dreams, I’ve realized that a set of heroic skills can be trained through a set of habits. I've also realized that my personal income will never be any higher than my self-identity. This article is called The Antidote To Average for a reason. Rest assured, I was not born to be average, neither were you. #millionairemindset

Look, we all are students here, continually learning to master ourselves. Robin Sharma says that Genius is less about genetics and more about habits.

1. The #5AM Club
Robin Sharma, - The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, suggests practicing 5AM early rising for 66 days, and you’ll turn it into an automatic habit. 5AM is the time of least distractions in the world. Being up before the rest of the world wakes up and preparing to change the world is what 5% of the world do. Become undefeated.

He recently released a new book “The 5 AM Club”, which I consider a daily system for my personal growth. If you want to buy this book, I share it here: The 5 AM Club

2. 20-20-20 Formula
Wake up and take one hour for yourself — the Holy Hour.

First 20 minutes - Sweat. Move - Hot Yoga - Dance - Swimming - Exercise. It is your inspirational neurotransmitter. Moving the body will reduce cortisol - the hormone of fear, soar serotonin and increase dopamine.

Second 20 minutes - Think. Journal your intention. Create the blueprint for your ideal day. Your day is your life in miniature, as you live your day, so you craft your life.

Third 20 minutes - Learn. Education, not entertainment.
The Running College is a new way to learn nowadays! Listen to courses, take audio classes whenever you run, walk or drive. A key to the game of life is growth. By building your inner vision, you're bringing out your epic life. Create a life of history, choosing the life you want.

What’s the point of being successful according to society, but you’re a failure according to yourself?

3. 2X 3X Formula
To triple your productivity and income - focus on your Personal Mastery and Professional Capability. Stay Curious. Don't live the same year 75-95 times, invest in your Mindset, HeartSet, Ability, and Knowledge Base. To change the world - change your world. Study and apply ideas.

4. 90-90-1 Rule
When you get to work, spend your first 90 minutes for the next 90 days focusing on your single most significant opportunity to own your industry and to influence humanity. To have results that only 5% of the world has, you need to think, behave and live like only 5% of the world are willing to do. Trinity of peak performance assets: mental focus, physical energy, will power. You’ve got to train them. Your work is your show time.

5. The tight bubble of total focus.
Build a bubble of focus around you. Surround yourself with the right people. If you are the smartest person you know, maybe its time to know new people. If you are the most successful person on the street, maybe its time to move to a new street. If you are the fastest neighbor in your neighborhood, maybe its time to change the neighborhood.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Block out any distractions.
  • Focus on one project of utmost importance.

In order to create a masterpiece, you need to nail it at the level of Michelangelo. Don’t release mediocrity, release your poetry, and the world will be the path to your door — birth something beautiful into the world.

Addiction to distraction will be a death to your creative production. Do the world-class work. Set up a daily ritual to build your focus. You can be distracted, or you can be legendary, but you don’t get to do both.

6. HeartSet.
Turn your career into a life mission. Go from fearful to fearless. Feed your spirituality and soulfulness. If we only swipe our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean - Mother Teresa.


When we get to the last hour of our lives, it comes down to who did we become. Did we make the investment required to awaken the hero that lives within every single one of us? Did we learn how to turn pain into power? Did we learn how to take our fears and make them into faith, did we use the potential we were given to raise?

Self-Mastery is the antidote to average.

The 5AM Club

The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and Life

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