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RE: 1,035,858 Facebook Users Discover Steem for $1,008.91!

in #growth-projects4 years ago

I would agree, but promoting to all them poor countries isn't going to provide anything beneficial to the platform short-term. He should target countries with more money, influence, and education. There's enough spam on here already in my opinion, and his campaigns will only make it worse. 😣


I agree with your point of view...

So you're the one. 😉

Agree added to the fact that alot of the users from theose countries are from clickfarms, I wrote about this in my last article

Very true indeed, but thankfully, this kind of system was built to where you gotta either put money in to give yourself money, or you gotta create good content. It's just the spam they bring to the table, that's the shitty part.