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RE: 1,035,858 Facebook Users Discover Steem for $1,008.91!

Steem is such a great platform that it will succeed even without Jerry; however, having people like Jerry, helps to speed up significantly this process. Very good job...


I would agree, but promoting to all them poor countries isn't going to provide anything beneficial to the platform short-term. He should target countries with more money, influence, and education. There's enough spam on here already in my opinion, and his campaigns will only make it worse. 😣

I agree with your point of view...

So you're the one. 😉

Agree added to the fact that alot of the users from theose countries are from clickfarms, I wrote about this in my last article

Very true indeed, but thankfully, this kind of system was built to where you gotta either put money in to give yourself money, or you gotta create good content. It's just the spam they bring to the table, that's the shitty part.

This is what I was arguing with a Steemian, he said @mindhunter had done hard work to be here, I told him @mindhunter is just here to earn for himself and @jerrybanfield is here to add value to steemit by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
Great job @jerrybanfield

Of course you will envy people like @midhunter since you're a broke ass and can't afford to buy any Steem Power.

I agree with you @crytoeera. Bottom line is everyone would like to make some $ here. Do you think @jerrybandfield is doing it for fun? Remember everytime you vote, he earned something so the advertising cost is not for fun, he wants more followers like you and me to vote.

We are all here to share a piece of pie, and I hope we do it in a friendly community.

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Very nice post I agree with you wish you all the best .

haha am not as pathetic as you, upvoting your own comments like him, get a life first clown

Better to be pathetic than perfidious.

Get a life then kid

It takes a creative and persistent person to provide value for thousands. I appreciate that Jerry has stepped up.

nice have a good day

This will increase the steem price

The world is shifting to decentralized...that cannot be disputed.

I agree about Jerry...we need warriors out there who lead the charge. FB and Markie Z are formidable foes. They are no different from the banking established and cryptos...their day is coming.

We are moving slowly ... last time I checked stemians are in 360,000 compare to FB of millions. But keep in mind this is the second year, best of this we are part of a moving community.

Be cool, we all go to the moon.
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Yehaaa.. wait for me!!

Steemit ahime is not an application like facebook, they call it aocial network? But is it?! Notifications not working, no chat, no photo albums.. Steemit is a blogging platform.. The people over here are those who are moving from wordpress, blogspot and similar... mostly

You are correct...we have to start somewhere.

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Steemit's userbase will grow exponentially. Also, 1 viral article/post could be enough to start a snowball effect that could lead to millions of new users. :)

You are right!
Having different personalities like Jerry, boosts the Steemit platform. ;)

Hello I'm new on steemit.have to follow you .

Good lucks. Keep post n comment

I couldn't agree more. Its great we have Jerry to teach noobs like like about crypto and Steem.