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RE: Advertise Steem to 10+ Million Users on Facebook and YouTube Every Month: Video Advertising Growth Project!

PS: Want to add an additional upvote for more funding? Upvote this comment and all the author rewards along with those from the post will count towards video ad #3!


I have upvoted 100% for you on this comment! Great post Jerry!


Thank you Joe!

You are welcome Jerry!

On it!

Done with 100% upvote... Keep it up with your great Steemit marketing campaign... We are all here to support with our upvotes...

@hms818 I appreciate your consistent support! Are you still running your witness? I voted for you before but removed it today because it says you are running an old version of Steem. If you update it, please let me know so I can vote again for you!

Thanks @jerrybanfield for your support but i am no longer running a witness node, i am planning restart it only after i build solid follower base...Thanks!

Thank you I trust you will let me know when you are back online so that I can vote for you?

Thank you very much @hms818!

Upvoted and resteemed. Jerry would you mind reading my recent blog post, would mean lots, thanks!

i like your post .upvote @becerra
follow me and support me am new here kindly

Upvoted, I always upvote your posts, today I even wrote a post about you, I hope you will like it : I am Jerry's fan - Let's learn from him , I hope you will be thankful, I have more than 1100 followers and I think it's a good number also.

done @jerry thanks for everything guy

WoW Br.OTHER .. clarity and DRIVE !!! - )))
.. well D'ONE !! - ))

.. ThankS for BEiNG YOU !! - ))
Beauti-FULL'Y complicated .. and ALL INSPIRATION !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

Done! @jerrybanfield truly your amazing marketing skill is serving this ever growing community in a great way!

Hello, Jerry, you are a big whale, my SBD was stolen, I hope you can do something to punish the thief

@jerrybanfield If i were to send a vegan fruit basket to your house, would that increase my chances of getting an Upvote on any of my posts? We arent talking about a basic basket, oh no. Im talking exotic fruits and jams from the richest soils around the I of course Upvoted this post and i appreciate your content.

Jerry wot you think about this site, can you check and make review, I think it has potential to be better than Bitrex.

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