Project Updates and Changes to the Faucet

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There's been some time since I made an update to the feed for just writing about the Gridcoinstats web page.

Yesterday I wrote a long post about updates on projects, including the next version of Gridcoinstats.

But closer to hand there has been some updates to the current page. As well as some issues that have appeared.

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Faucet Payments

Since Gridcoin has gotten much attention lately, so has the faucet. Since there is no easy way to track down that none abuses the faucet to claim rewards more than once, with different addresses and device. Due to this, I have decided to disable Gridcoin addresses.

You will need an Active Gridcoin Researcher CPID, one that you get when you run BOINC. The reason for this change is that there is now an excellent and stable Gridcoin Pool that you can use if you need starter coins for starting up solo mining. You will require to have at least 10,000 GRC anyway and isn't something that a faucet can provide.

The faucet is an extra incentive to those that are most loyal to the coin and are actively doing work on the BOINC platform, doing what we do best.

PS: The faucet has been refilled and is now holding some fresh coins ready to be claimed again!

Forks, those darn forks

Yes, we've had quite some forks during the last weeks. It seems to have been the buzz of the week.

However much you may find forking annoying, it's quite common on a system like PoS. Essentially, every time someone stakes a new block there is potential for a fork. Most of the time all wallets agree on the new block, but some times there is a bunch of wallets straying off.

The last updates of the wallets had a more prominent possibility to make this happen. Even though the wallets do return to normal after a while, but a restart may make this happen faster. About 99 out of 100 times the nodes on Gridcoinstats are solving this by themselves automatically, showing how the code can manage and are working just like it should.

The updated webpage I'm working on will handle forks in a better way and hopefully be having fewer issues in the future.


For those that are interested in what comes for the future and don't want to read my longer post about it from yesterday, I can just say that there are more exciting things coming soon on the page. Now read my post from yesterday instead ;)

Thank you for the visit and enjoy Your day!

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@sc-steemit, I know I have said it before, but damn do I love everything you do! Thank you for the update, maintaining the only community faucet, and providing us all with such a fantastic block explorer.

You deserve all the support you get - will check back in when you are at the top of the Steemit witness list. =)


I thoroughly agree with you dutch sc-steemit also has my full support.



I'm also really thankful for what he does! But it's not the only faucet ;) There's also which is filled with fresh coins :D


Ah, good find! I remember checking on that faucet in my early days, but it was always empty.

Will be advertising this to new users in any future Gridcoin 101 posts.


I have looked at that one a couple of times but it seems to always be dry.

Thanks for your hard work mate 😁😁

Interesting post I will look into gridcoin

Cool post bro 😊

How does the faucet know which address to send coins to? For instance, when I tested it out, it said it's going to RxnCsyaVhWFjxjXBPH6hSyqgu6xM9eYXVf

Never seen that address before - I didn't even know GRC addresses could start with Rx...

When I searched the address, it came up as being associated with me but it apparently hasn't been active in quite a long time (my guess is it was some sort of transaction burn account created automatically):


It knows because it was used and associated with your account. I may have to change it back so you can se an address, just that it needs to be associated with a CPID. Thanks for the sharp eyes.


It did come through without an issue to my wallet - so all's well that ends well - but I still haven no idea what that address is, haha.


That's good 👍
Could be an exchange address used when you transferred funds?


That was my initial thought, but doesn't match any of the exchange addresses saved in my address book.


I see the same problem. After solving the gotcha, the coins were sent to an old address. I experienced a hard disk crash and lost that wallet. Had to reinstall the wallet and the new one doesn't receive coins sent to the old address. A way of charging the address would be appreciated.

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"You will require to have at least 10,000 GRC anyway and isn't something that a faucet can provide."
Could you elaborate on that? I'm currently mining on the pool as I am still new and learning. To switch to solo mining I read all kind of numbers. It no longer makes sense to me.


Of course

When you mine solo it means you need to run your own wallet. The only time that you are able to receive your research reward is when your wallet creates a new block (it stakes). As Gridcoin is a Proof-of-Stake wallet it means that the more you hold, the faster you stake.

You need to claim your rewards for research within 6 months. With a wallet value of around 10k GRC you are staking well within this timeframe. According to the calculations on you need about 2278 GRC to stake within 6 months.

In Investor mode, currently a balance of 58589 GRC is required to stake roughly once per week. You will need 2278 GRC to stake once in 6 months, on average.

The more you have the fast you'll stake so I recommend around 5-10k GRC.

However, your DPoR research value will have some weight as well. So if you have a high DPoR value it will be a little bit faster.

This is pure BS. You know damn well I love your site and all the work you do but this is pure BS. Look , the foundation passed a vote months ago on a large lump sum donation to your faucet and there has been talks of ongoing future donations to keep that flowing. Then suddenly here you are literally directing all new users from your site to in order to " send a .002grc beacon " and create a wallet they can solo with but most likely will no change their config and with the pool. The faucet should be used so new users can choose to solo or pool and now they are forced to beg on irc not knowing about rain , or pool. This pool BS has gotten out of hand too with 3 cpid's so why even have Boincstat's let alone you might as well just take down your site and put create with users the top 10 and or 20 users being pool CPID #1-20. has existed for how long and the " growth " and " influx " of new users did not effect all users mag 30-60%+.

So now directs new users to grcpool and then the "official gridcoin website or is anything really official? since we have no real foundation or committee " does not even list under pools Katiee's pool the official original Gridcoin pool that caused so much drama has been 100% ditched although it has a magnitude of 16443.599185509 right now soooo it's still active.. There is a monopoly on pools for gridcoin , owns the gridcoin pool market and software someone needs to code a new pool software if we are just going to be pool based and more like suchflex was , we can model after than since they are gone and users can just download an application tied to the pool that lays onto of the boinc background functions and has its own skin and you can pick the pool cpid 1-20 you want to be teamed in on , team Gridcoin can function via 10 or 20 pool cpid's teams competing vs each other for stats.

So it owns all new users , and this talk of a " pool bank " aka " let me hold your funds to make more money bank " on-line wallet built into the pool then this coin has gone to hell , trying to do to much social media and making plastic and metal coins that nobody will get and spreading out to new forums of communication. Keep it simple stupid , Gridcoin has gotten about greed and the new plastic or metal or toy coin should just have a $GRC$ on 1 side and President Trump's face on the other. Steemit upvotes like reddit flame wars and /4chan . Instead of trying to make tangible things only 1 person can own/hold/posses and honestly I think the coin is cool , I think the new logo is cool but its not worth the cost. We need to apparently be investing in other coders and sources for pools and " official " Gridcoin websites utalizing the domains and other services the foundation has paid for to the community , including donations for faucets. I know I will be voting NO in the future to donate foundation funds to your faucet if its only for people with 10,000GRC + because the .8234245 is not worth my time for your broken captita and I think any person with over 10k GRC whom have to hit your sit every 24hr for that little tip should pay attention to rain and tips on irc a bit more.