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Gridcoin got some massive attention past weeks

With the latest weeks surge in price and market cap and also the many active users on Steemit promoting the great usage of Gridcoin, the page is gaining some inreased traffic.

When I started the page didn't get that much traffic, but since a few weeks we are now the official block explorer for the coin and all traffic that was going to GridResearchCorp are not directed towards us.

The server has been able to cope with the massive amounts of requests so far, but today it had a hiccup and everything got backlogged and everything went towards more load.

Solution coming this weekend, hopefully

If nothing makes me unable to do this I will move the webpage, database and backend scripts to a new, much more powerful server, this weekend. It will be able to handle much more traffic.

Happy for the development

I'm happy to see this development for the coin, even if it means that I am required to do some quick work to be able to cope with it, but that's good problems, right? :)

🎉BOINC ON! Gridcoin to the moon! 🎉

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Great work on the site.

The site lives up to the Gridcoin ethos of transparency and freedom of information.

I use it regularly and couldn't live with out it. You are a credit to the Gridcoin community.

This is great news!🎉🎉 just shared with my followers👍

Anyone here interested in getting a small amount of gridcoin for free should checkout the gridcoin faucet:

Thanks @sc-steemit, for all the work you do

What is Gridcoin?


What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency which securely rewards BOINC computation (volunteer distributed computing projects which attempt to cure diseases, map the milkyway, search for extraterrestrial life, etc) on top of proof of stake.

Anyone can create a BOINC project to create a distributed cloud service of their own desire, we can reward your users on your behalf as opposed to you paying for computation up front.

Don't forget to visit the #Gridcoin substeemit! Plenty of text based content being created there every day!

More info:


Gridcoin banner


Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency that securely rewards BOINC participation. With BOINC you can help scientists around the world to tackle humanity's biggest problems (e. g. help to cure cancer, ebola etc.). Have a look at

Liked and resteemed. Hopefully the money from this post will be more than enough to cover your server expenses :)

I'm a gridcoin groupie so I very much appreciate this post! :) Bummer it dipped in the past few days, but that's gonna happen. I'm in it for the long run. Just a matter of time! :)