I have no idea what I'm doing but it's fun!

in gridcoin •  8 months ago


So, I'm on my third day mining gridcoin as part of a pool and I have to say I've learned a few things:

  1. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I know, I know, I seem like I'm well put together and on top of things but really it's a front. I'm completely lost on this whole thing. I've called my brother a few times and asked, "What's it doing?" I've called him back, "it's doing this now! Is that supposed to happen?!?"

To be fair, he is handling me quite calmly, so that's something. Still patiently answering my questions.

  1. It's hard not to feel self satisfaction when you see this:


I know my contribution isn't much but it feels neat.

  1. Plus I'm helping map out the Milky Way galaxy! How awesome is that?!?

Hint: it's pretty awesome.

(I don't know why it is all ones above, I'm living with it)

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I used to run seti@home and folding@home awhile back, only reason I'm not folding now is cpu is a 125w am3+ in a 95w socket, haha. :D

Good on you for going for it!!

not sure which pool you are using but I use https://www.grcpool.com/ and this one is really good. the owner is very active and listens to suggestions which he then implements really quickly.


That's the one I'm using. My brother uses it too and likes it.


It is the only active pool. There is one other (legacy) pool, but it has been abandoned and is no longer paying out. Anyone mining under that pool is just filling the abandoned wallet associated with it.

GRCpool, on the other hand, is fantastic and actively developed. You can come to the Gridcoin Slack and talk directly to the pool's developer.

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you can cloud mine it through Eobot as well I'm mining it at the moment along with a few other coins :)


Thank you for that, I will try to look into it.


if you check my blog I just did a post about it that's why I mentioned it :)


Eobot does not actually mine GRC though, as far as I am aware. You are mining a POW coin and being paid for the work with GRC.


ah ok thanks for clarifying yeah I'm not 100% sure on that but I know GRC is listed there but unsure of the technicalities


I checked, just to be sure. Behind the scenes you are mining whatever coin happens to be the most profitable at the time. Eobot then pays you in your preferred crypto for your hashing contribution to their mining effort.

Even so, if a lot of people were to take this path, it would create significant buy pressure for GRC. Nothing wrong with that - just no direct contributions to science.

Hey @rvgenaille I love that you post all your first experiences from the cryptocurrencies / blockchain universe here. It can certainly be confusing. Gridcoin especially. I'm a human-computer interaction researcher currently looking into how people use cryptos ... would you be interested in joining me for a skype/hangouts interview for research purposes one of these days?


Thank you for the request. I will have to get back to you on that, I just finished a move and started a new job so I am crazy busy right now, with the time to do some steem posts and gridcoin carved out more or less before I go to bed. I will try to get back to shortly on it though, if that is okay?


thats perfect ... feel free to get in touch at your convenience!

@rvgenaille Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts..

This happened to most of us at the beginning. Gridcoin can be confusing... But it is super rewarding as well not purely in money but in things that matter more :) go on and crunch with us :)
Go gridcoin! Go @rvgenaille !

Well, based on your first image we can summarise exactly what you are doing:

  • Helping to map the Milky Way
  • Joined IBM's project to help cure innumerable human ailments
  • Getting paid for your efforts.

Makes for a pretty good story if you ask me! =)