Bittrex is Trading Gridcoin!

in gridcoin •  last year 

I just logged into Bittrex to find that the Gridcoin wallet has been reactivated. Now, if only readers will send me other cryptos to exchange for Gridcoin... ;-)

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Have a nice day. :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks @rufusfirefly. @neuralminer mentioned on Slack that Bittrex is testing it at the moment but nevertheless this is the next step to normalise the end-2-end activities on the second exchange after C-Cex enabling deposits & withdrawals last week. All in all, a positive development!

Bittrex has opened wallets since yesterday.

Finally i took out my grc's bought when grc was at low 410s

Hoping this will now help me in staking better.

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