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Everything I collect with this post will be donated to the faucet!

Why donations are important

Gridcoin is growing recently and new users are joining every day. If a user wants to start mining he has to send a beacon which costs a small amount of Gridcoins. Even if the worth of the Gridcoins the users need is extremely small this is an obstacle for new users. A faucet helps new users to get started fast and completly for free. There is no need to signup or to beg for a donation.
Gridcoin has three faucets at the moment: 1, 2, 3.
All faucets have distributed large amounts of Gridcoin to the community. The operators pay for the Gridcoins themself. But faucets are important for the Gridcoin community so the community should support the faucets!

Past donations

This is the fifth post with wich I hope to collect steem dollars to donate to the Gridcoin Asia Faucet. You'll find the other posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Thanks to all the upvoters I was able to donate about 553 Gridcoins to the faucet.

Newest donation

This is what I collected from the last post.

This withdraw includes the generous donation from @nightshift1134! Thanks for that!

buy grc.png
And I traded this earnings on BitShares DEX for Gridcoins. I did this because there are many bad rumours about poloniex out there. Read more here.

Finally I sent the Gridcoins to the address of the Gridcoin Asia Faucet.
You can find the proof that I actually sent the coins here.

Future ideas

I will make a post like this every 10 days or so when I find the time to do that. Everything I collect with this post will be donated to the faucet!

Further information about Gridcoin

  • Gridcoin Homepage - The actively maintained and developed homepage of GRC globally.

  • Gridcoin Subreddit - Anything GRC related. The developers read the comments posted here, and will in all likelihood directly address any questions you pose within the day.

  • Gridcoin on Wikipedia - About Gridcoin

  • Getting started - Information about how to get started with Gridcoin

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I Start to move to bitshares DEX. Look much easy.

This post has received a 50.00 % upvote from @nettybot thanks to: @nightshift1134.

Send 0.100 SBD to @nettybot with a post link in the memo field to bid on the next vote.

Oh, and be sure to vote for my owner, @netuoso, as Steem Witness

Have a great day!

Resteemed and upvoted :)


Thank you :D

Great work! +1 for using BitShares DEX 😎

Thanks for the mention!, if you want, send me a proposal on bts dex for some GRC, since i see you didnt want to put your name out, my bts dex name is the same as steemit. i can send 1 - 150 grc for you. Since you seem to know which faucets better help The community.


So you would trade SBD for GRC? Would like to trade with a community member :)


Yeah sure, everybody wins 😉

Hey, do you maybe know why didn't I get the starter coins for the first time I used the faucet with the CPID? Just started mining and could really use the help ^^


Gridcoinstats.eu pays only once ever 24h so you maybe have to wait a bit. Unfortunately I don't have access to your wallet atm. because my main computer is broken otherwise I would have sent you some starter coins...
Reply with your address here maybe someoneother will send you some. Or I will do when I got access to my pc again :)


Hm I waited and used it again but all I get is the spare change, never got those sweet sweet 5 starter coins



I gotcha @relusiarh whats your grc address and ill send some your way



Thank you so much, this community is awesome :)


Good luck with this!
Never heard about this coin before, may be will try it


Thank you. I think it's worth a try. Competition is rising atm will never be so easy to mine gridcoin.

Just an FYI, I wouldn't trust the Polo rumors if I were you - particularly the one about the BTS wallet. They filled their hot wallet without a problem a couple days ago - so no real issues.

The only thing they are really "guilty" of in my opinion is allowing the markets to operate unrelated, which allows for whales to manipulate the prices if they want to. Note the quotations on "guilty".