new superblock (whitelist changes, 24h SB birth time, block #983997)

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Gridcoin users have a new superblock (block 983997, 2017 Aug. 3 15:01:52)

  • this one was mined by user s4mmie

Whitelist changes:

  • 1. BOINC project "Sztaki Desktop Grid" is removed (see poll)
  • 2. Duchamps Sourcefinder added (see poll)
    • but... Sourcefinder has currently no WUs :-( (it seems in about 3 weeks might come some test WUs?)
    • thus: currently about 9 users have no competition in their magnitudes at that project ? see this and this

  • more to come 

There are concerns about the whitelist polls, see forum and here:

And again: included the +35% magnitude boost   

  • the boost will be, likely, ongoing until the next mandatory   Gridcoin version is released (so probably for 2 weeks to give  exchanges,  ... enough time to prepare)

 Why did the mag unit drop?   

  •    before the superblock contracts it was between 0.2 and 0.225, see here.

See also comments on reddit, and forum.

more info coming soon...


new poll was started (until August 10):

for the people who didn't follow all the conversations on IRC since yesterday:

Sad, that Sztaki Desktop Grid is gone from GRC whitelist... I'm gonna do their tasks anyway :)

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