Gridcoin and the 8th BOINC Pentathlon (May 5-19): we need you

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We're participating in the 8th BOINC Pentathlon by SETI.Germany (starts on May 5, and goes over 2 weeks).

  • See here for all the signed up BOINC teams.
  • FAQ
  • Here's a summary of last year's Pentathlon (we were #7 from 33 teams)

Each team can now provide desired BOINC projects for the disciplines (see here) until April 27:

  • we can suggest 3 BOINC projects (see I.) and one World Community Grid subproject (see II.).

There exists now 4 polls how to decide which projects to chose

The mentioned 3 separate polls in the above poll are these:

Please add your comments below or in the forum here


a.) GPU support

  • Amicable Numbers
  • Asteroids@home
  • Collatz Conjecture
  • Einstein@Home
  • MilkyWay@home
  • Moo! Wrapper
  • SETI@Home

b.) CPU-only

  • Cosmology@Home
  • LHC@Home
  • NFS@Home
  • NumberFields@home
  • SRBase
  • TN-Grid
  • VGTU@Home
  • YAFU
  • yoyo@home

c.) "excluded" by Erkan:

  • Enigma@Home (this poll and not having any WUs since March 23 indicates it will be removed from whitelist, and likely from the Pentathlon)
  • not whitelisted: DENIS@Home, Stop@home

II. WCG projects:

  • FightAIDS@Home - Phase 1
  • Mapping Cancer Markers
  • OpenZika
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4 polls were added above, vote until April 19 please

I'll be firing up my rigs for this.

How long until team registration deadlines are up? Or is there a deadline on project selection instead?

If we have time, we should create a poll or two for this. Best give the people a voice! :D


How long until team registration deadlines are up?

See above, April 27. We are definitely registered already

Or is there a deadline on project selection instead?

Also April 27. I've talked with SETI.Germany guys and I can still email the projects. I didn't want to select the projects on individual preference, but team-wide decision, so the question above for a1) - a4).
Anyways, the wishes of ALL participating teams are weighted, so our project wishes may not be the final list in the Pentathlon. But I think also we can use this opportunity for internal polls ;-)

more ideas here:

  • WU bunkering
  • project rain (last year we had nice sponsors)

Yes I may dust off my automated Rain script and send a little love

EDIT: In fact this could be a way to get the message out, I'll check if I can send some TXs with messages asking for participation




@scalextrix could you have a look please here? it's about making enough info available from the rain to a pool operator


In case you want to vote like Vortac:

  • BOINC projects that help against bunkering, see here:
    MilkyWay, Yafu, Yoyo

see final list of projects to be submitted here