8th BOINC Pentathlon (May 5-19) and team Gridcoin's BOINC projects

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Team Gridcoin voted on which BOINC projects to send to the 8th Pentathlon (further info here, (A)).

These 4 projects are likely the end result (see pic: I need to verify it with another source also; see also (B)):

(A) 65.8% of voter shares voted for: "Take Projects Where We Have Massive Hardware Power"

(B) taken from BOINCstats, based on RAC

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So we are not submitting any GPU projects at all? See here: https://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/25_en_Disciplines.html

"4) Cross Country
The GPU project with the most votes. If this project has been chosen for the sprint, the CPU-only project with the next most votes that has not been chosen for another discipline is chosen instead."

We have also chosen 3 projects that a minority of team Gridcoin even runs. Looking at the project stats (https://gridcoinstats.eu/project) SRbase, YAFU, and NFS are the 3rd, 5th, and 6th least popular projects among our BOINC crunchers, respectively.

Lastly, 3 math projects? Can we not add more diversity to our selection to include different BOINC topics, such as medicine, space, etc.?


I'm in agreement with you barton26..

We should be running the projects that the maximum of users will run, preferably where we are strongest and at least one popular GPU project.


Made a new sheet (v2) which is based on RAC (v1 was on total credits (see: world position #1), and also thus filtering out other projects which are now included in v2).

Everybody: please check the calculated results also!


This is something I could support.

i have lots of grid coins and havee already made good profit off its 20percent recent 1 day gains!


Besides that, are you going to help us in the Pentathlon challenge ?


how by running gridcoin software should try to add gridcoin to minergate or make easy ios or android gridcoin mining app!


When the Pentathlon starts in 2 weeks: by running the final selected BOINC projects' WUs (working units).

The above mentioned projects (YAFU, NFS, SRBase) are still "only" our wish, many teams suggest their wishes, and the Pentathlon organizers merge those.