greetings from our superblock: "Magnitude too low for POR reward."

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After 28h waiting time from last superblock, we have now:

>   last superblock: #960491, 37 mins ago (2017-07-10 07:23:44) / superblocks come like every 26-48h (e.g. see '!superblock history')

Only 20% of the whitelisted projects  are in this superblock now:

What can you do when you've zero magnitude? 

  • switch to investor: secure network + receive  interest. your research reward waits. read more here

Team Users: 

  • 5624 total
  • with magnitude: 988
  • without beacon: 1589

The last "magnitude zero" case was at #933104: 

So, let's sit this out... again.

edit July 14:

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Not only has this issue already been addressed in significant detail, there are a number of people working on improving the system to stop SB issues in future. As it stands, Gridcoin is actively developed by volunteer developers - they freely donate their time to work on the project. If any devs are currently being paid for the contribution, other than reimbursement for advertising costs, I am not aware of it.

As you are aware, Rob has recently proposed a vote that will see all developers compensated at the rate of USD$30/h going forward. Funds are to be distributed from the central Foundation Wallet, which currently holds around 32 million GRC.

If passed, the first paid development period will run from August 1 this year to January 31 2018. As you may expect, this will result in higher quality work and more time committed from the dev team. The primary driving force behind this is that only hours with tangible results can be billed.

Sit tight for a while, or help with solving the problem. The next six months of paid development that are likely to ensue are going to transform several fronts of the GRC community - code updates, stability and readability, website improvement, and a potential partial re-branding to make the GRC signature images stand out are all in the works.

If anyone, for any reason, wants to be involved in the process (or even just sit back and read the developer chat) they can do so freely using these links:

  • Gridcoin Developer Slack - includes general channels for troubleshooting, as well as dev and branding discussions.

  • Gridcoin IRC - join that channel, then register with NickServ using the instructions at the top of the page so you can join #Gridcoin. This is required to stop someone else stealing your nickname and the associated GRC.

  • Gridcoin Steemit - You are here already! =)

  • Gridcoin Homepage - The actively maintained and developed homepage of GRC globally.

  • Gridcoin Subreddit - Anything GRC related. The devs read the comments posted here, and will in all likelihood directly address any questions you pose.

  • Gridcoin Forum and Main Thread - The ongoing megathread where you are most likely to find the original GRC developer Rob weighing in.

Well said. I am saving this list for reference.

To everyone this affects

This has been addressed and the dev team IS working on it.
There is a solution proposed and the team of highly skilled volunteer developers are looking at this.

It is a major headache, but you should know this has been a frequent issue in just the past few weeks. We've experienced it only a very few times before.

The whole process on how stats are collected and handled are being worked on.

Use the Bug tracker

Issues and bugs should be filed on our GitHub repo so the developers can see them and discussions about them should be held there or with the devs imho.

Good to hear that!

Keep plugging away at it, no worries from here

Is there anything the average Gridcoin user can do during these superblock headaches to help the devs? Even if its just running the testnet or something?

see above, on my request a dev suggested "What can you do when you've zero magnitude?"

Thanks Erkan, running in investor mode now.

Its not a big deal in the overall scheme of things, the coin is secure and a new SB will problably get everthing back to normal.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Well, all my BOINC projects are not in this superblock :-(

As I said previously:

  • in such a situation I close from now on my wallet until I get again a good SB, or I get an official statement by a dev posted in public (e.g. bugtracker) about why this happened, and what to expect about my earnings (so I have a person I can get my earnings from in a "wonky" situation, see below)

And if someone comes with securing the chain:

  • I point them to the whales. 'cause with my amount I surely will not make that difference, but their 1 address will, a lot (e.g. as investor)

Until all reasons are investigated:

  • I leave me like this a chance in case something wonky than what devs or so think inofficially

What you do, is your beer!

  • This is NOT a directive that you should follow my example, you have your own brain you can use!

a dev suggested something, please try that, see above: "What can you do when you've zero magnitude? "

  ·  3 years ago (edited)
  • treating as rumour so far, until more info given. see below:

user1: my cumulative mag reported was 156660044255.234551

user1: a fubar number like that

me: in your client ?
me: Jesus
user1: yes, in my client
user1: i checked why
me: that can't be

user1: and the reason was that all my project magz were fubar
me: so much mag in total doesn't even exist normally

me: can you post in PM: list explainmagnitude
user1: on explainmagnitude all projects had this kind of project mag reported
user1: I've no access to the wallet atm :(

me: well, then we'll wait
user1: i was to lazy t put on a VPN
user1: I'll catch you in the evening

user1 lazy move :-)

My magnitude is up 5x normal, and I only crunch one of those projects.