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What is Project Rain?

'Project Rain' is the practice of distributing crypto assets to BOINC users based on their verified BOINC computation; it was initially devised within the Gridcoin network and has been expanded to multiple cryptocurrencies and all BOINC teams through this BOINC project.

Think of Project Rain as a massive new share-dropping vector that doesn't require your end-users to handle their wallet private keys nor require proof of IRL identity.

Read more about Project Rain!

Development progress as of 6th September 2016

Bugs squashed!

I had successfully added new 'Project Rain' table fields to the BOINC 'User' table, but upon adding the project to the BOINC client it encountered an 'Internal 500 error'; after some debugging I was advised to move the 'Project Rain' fields into their own table.

It took a couple days but I succeeded in creating the new table & have not encountered the 'internal 500 error' upon adding the project to the BOINC Client!

Addition of new cryptocurrencies!

I have extended the list of supported cryptocurrencies from 11 to 28!

Full list of supported cryptos

Gridcoin, Steem, Bitshares, Peerplays, Storj, NEM, IBM Bluemix Blockchain, ColoredCoins, Antshares, Lisk, Decent, Synereo, LBRY, Wings, Hong, BoardRoom, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Golem, NXT, Ardor, Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake (Intel), Hyperledger Fabric (IBM), Waves, Peershares, Omnilayer, CounterParty.

See your favourite crypto above?

I would really appreciate help finishing the 'rain tutorial' page:

I need specific instructions for each cryptocurrency detailing the steps required to create the equivalent of a 'sendmany' transaction to potentially tens of thousands of BOINC users on your cryptocurrency network.

We have recently discovered that Gridcoin currently has a maximum of 1000 recipients within a single 'sendmany' command; until it's changed we need to split the transaction in multiple transactions - you may need to test similar upper limits on your cryptocurrency platform.


  • Need to change the trailing /boincserver/ to /rain/ in the URL.
  • Need to add newly supported cryptocurrencies to 'Project Rain' user XML extracts.
  • Need to configure & test the project's ability to email (forgotten passwords).
  • Reduce text on index (make landing page simple & move specific details to dedicated pages).
  • Re-evaluate index navigation bar (was going to provide dropdown links for all cryptocurrencies, but with 28 that's messy!).
  • Provide 'sendmany' tutorials for all supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Improve the 'Load' phase in the BOINC statistics ETL process. Currently it's very easy to import individual team xml, but importing entire project user XML crashes the computer upon attempt (1GB+ XML files).
  • Implement on an VPS, preparing to go live.
  • Implement SSL using EFF's certbot.

Relevant links

Project-Rain GitHub repo (Please contribute towards the tutorials).
Brainstorming new BOINC projects
Project Rain - Distributing crypto assets to BOINC users based on their verified BOINC computation
[Gauging Interest] Would you be interested being able to tip BOINC users your crypto-asset of choice?

Any thoughts? Interested in performing a 'Project Rain' for your supported crypto asset of choice?

Best regards,


This post was censored on /r/BOINC by /u/Pi31415926 on 6th September 2016.

Full censorship notification message

Hi, sorry, but I removed this post, as it's more cryptocurrency than BOINC. I'm not really a fan of linkage between BOINC and cryptocurrencies. Science and money don't mix so well. For the same reason, I'm also not a fan of steemit (I note you've posted it quite a bit). When everything you do is tainted by money, it's hard for someone else to see when you're being genuine, rather than just fishing for your next millionth of a cent.

My response on Reddit

Duly noted that /r/boinc is being actively censored - I'll be sharing this experience with the Gridcoin and steem communities.

The steemit post that I linked to details the BOINC project that I have been developing for the last few weeks, and yes those few cents do help development costs.

Boinc, science and money 'mixing' is a matter of opinion, perhaps you should discuss this topic further with the other /r/boinc moderators since /r/Gridcoin is directly linked in the /r/boinc sidebar? I'd have thought that you would have been more in favour of 'project rain' than Gridcoin since it doesn't have a team requirement nor an investment requirement.

The reason that I have been posting the topic elsewhere is to recruit 28+ cryptocurrency communities to BOINC. If you were having a difficult time understanding my motives you could have posted in the thread before welding your ban hammer.

It's a shame that some BOINC users are so close-minded to cryptocurrency - they're really behind the times.

It's also another reminder that Steemit > Reddit; you don't get censored here!

I've raised several BOINC web server security concerns:

TL;DR: I need to add authentication key reset functionality, need to significantly improve the password hashing process (currently md5, salted with email - abysmal!) and I need to provide email verification before providing access to the user's account.

I'll be adding secure chat client fields too, but they will not be exportable to prevent bot abuse: pgp, retroshare, tox, echo, ring and wickr).

Do boinc users have to be registered to be able to receive the rain? How would boinc users, who have no idea what digital currencies are, benefit from this?

BOINC users will need to create an Project Rain account, yes. In order to match one's CPID to cryptocurrency addresses/account you need to create an account and provide this information.

Many BOINC users are aware of digital currencies, there are 7000+ members in team Gridcoin for example. There are many more outside of team Gridcoin who know what cryptocurrencies are.

An BOINC user who participates in Project Rain will potentially receive many different types of rained assets for their BOINC computation, if these assets have value then they may be able to fully cover their electricity bills.

The learning curve for project rain users will be installing/syncing multiple wallets & providing their address/accounts in their profile. Once initially configured and their project rain CPID matches (merges into) their established CPID, it will be a passive process.

The main difficulty is the BOINC statistics ETL process which needs refined, especially if tens of thousands of BOINC are the target of a project rain.

I could perhaps begin a word of mouth campaign across all BOINC forums and run some advertising on BOINC statistics websites to recruit users to the BOINC project.

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