A week in Gridcoin and BOINC; Week 15, April 10 – April 16

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A week in Gridcoin and BOINC

Week 15, April 10 – April 16

Welcome to our weekly edition of updates in the Gridcoin- and BOINC-sphere!

Here we highlight what's been going on in the community as well as in the active projects that are available to work on to generate Gridcoins.

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency that rewards proportionally on several different projects. Once per day the network pulls the current stats from all the projects available for reward and calculates each users share. Gridcoin is a Proof-of-Stake wallet and uses significantly less power than Bitcoin. It has a fast block generation and very low fees.

Projects can be about anything, and anyone are free to start one. Many of the projects are scientific in nature but anything can be possible on the BOINC platform and could potentially be included in the projects that Gridcoin rewards work for.

Gridcoin Community

Worth reading this week is @cm-steem post about the current price spike we are having. The price of Gridcoin has been stable at around 1000 satoshi and has recently risen 30%!

The Statistics

Total Members12507-10
Active Members1445-7
Active Projects26-1

This week DrugDiscovery@Home was voted out due to some less fortunate issues in the projects core resulting in the shutting down of the project.

We are also voting about keeping or dropping Enigma@Home (Poll Results, Steemit Thread, Project Forum). The project hasn't generated any new WU since a while back and there has been no activity from the project admins. This poll ends in just 2 days at the 18th!

With the 8th BOINC Penthalon there are many polls regarding this, such as Which GPU Project to do, Which CPU Project to do, Which WCG Project to do and How to select projects.
Also read more at the Steamit Thread by @erkan.


We had another interview this week! The admin of TN-Grid was on the grill to talk about the project and answer all the questions we had about the project and how it works. Read mor about it in the Steemit Thread.

We are always in search for more Project admins willing to talk about their projects, know someone?

@cm-steem talked about Gridcoin on the weekly Beyondbitcoin Hangout on the 14th. These are some of the things he talked about and you can listen to an unofficial unedited version here. Be sure to follow @officialfuzzy and the Beyond Bitcoin Hangout threads to never miss all the weekly excitement he has in store!

Worth to mention is also that the community passed 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel! Woho!


The security of all users are something that we are working hard for and @cm-steem posted about Improving BOINC security: Account Keys!. Well worth a read if your security is dear to you.


Every month there are many challenges that all BOINC Teams compete in. @erkan is keeping a very good thread for April challenges well worth looking at that gets updated frequently!

I would like to highlight these challenges from Gridcoin to the community.

The challenge is on! :)

Reports and Updates from Projects

The BOINC project updates has been rather slow this week. Other than our interview with TN-Grid, here are the updates from projects this week. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video from Seti@Home!

Citizen Science Grid

Amicable Numbers



Places to read (much) more about Gridcoin

Official website
Twitter, Telegram, IRC, Slack
Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, CoinCap
Gridcoinstats.eu, Gridresearchcorp, Gridcoin.Asia
Soundcloud, YouTube & MixCloud

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Thanks for the shout-out, keep up the great work :)


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Nice post, its good to have the most relevants news about Gridcoin of the week in a single post.
The link to gridcoin.asia doesnt work, I´m not sure if its broken or just a problem in my browser. https://explorer.gridcoin.asia/ shows an http error 403, but http://explorer.gridcoin.asia/ (without SSL/TLS ) works fine


http://explorer.gridcoin.asia works here too. An issue with SSL certificate most likely.