Can we make the world civilized again?

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Does your nose get out of joint when you see some grafitti?


Mine sure does!


....when I see ugly graffitti

marring the beauty of my adopted paradise!



Now, I will be the very first to admit

some street art can be "distinguished", if not "beautiful" LOL

graphic art by: @bitcoinist

But, come on now,

How is this anything but a desecration of civility

and the collapse of civilization?



Which would you rather live beside....



or this?




or this?




or this?


I hope that you all have noticed

that, in preparation for the workshop that @aumsong gave
in Corinth, a couple of weeks ago now, called
Open to your Bliss

We cleaned, landscaped, and painted this building
to hold the event (until we found an even better space).

What do you think of our efforts?


In the incredibly interesting and beautiful

Plaka district of Athens, below the Acropolis


Even the "parking lots" LOL


have been marred by graffitti!



Here is one of the heros

helping us to turn this:


into this:



A big round of applause for this gentleman please!


ouzo and out

p.s Bonus question:
Do you think that our ancestors had to deal with graffitti before the barbarian invasions?

  • all photos, unless otherwise attributed, courtesy of @twiceuponatime
  • once again no animals were harmed in the making of this post

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Thank you kindly

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Fun fact: The gentleman in the last photo who did all the cleaning and @onceuponatime fairly requests an applause for him (fair play, mate) is one of the nicest and most hard-working man one can ever meet!!!

Humble, respectful, good Christian, he's a Pontic-Greek who was born and raised in then USSR. He may not look it now (he's 57 now) but believe me when I say he's an ULTIMATE BADASS!!!

Served for 6 years in the Soviet Navy and spent 4 of them in the submarines many, many levels underwater. He was also a HELL OF A FIGHTER with 12 years of competitive amateur boxing on his shoulders. When he moved in Corinth back in 1998, I was a State and National High-School champ in Pankration and an absolute fighting demon/machine. When he mentioned his amateur boxing career, of course I challenged him in a friendly sparring in his backyard (he lives opposite my mom's house). My intention was to show off (an arrogant kid I was) of course and we agreed to do an only hands/boxing sparring. I am not saying I lost because I didn't really, but my ribs are still hurting to this day. The man had hands of stone and an INCREDIBLE technique and speed, despite being a humble lightweight dude. His name is Christoforos named after Jesus. A truly GOOD man!!!

Great post @onceuponatime and I agree, the whole "graffiti" in Greece is GROSS!!! AWESOME job with this building




This was exactly how I reacted when I first saw your photo ;)


I am blushing. Btw a couple of weeks ago I dreamed that we met in Athens, maybe it's a sign.


If you decide to come in Athens and the Greek islands, I hope I can be your personal guide and photographer ;) he he

GREAT INITIATIVE @onceuponatime👍🏾👍🏾
It just takes one person with a great idea, then others will follow.

I believe that there are many people who want to do good things for their community, however they may be shy or a little intimidated. We always worry about what people think if we do this or that 🤔

So when someone like you rises up and takes the bull by the horns and make it happen that's a REAL HERO!



Thank you for your kind comment and support.


You welcome

Very impressive!

Was the work funded through Steemit?


No, I planned to sell kisses at the door to raise money.


At what point did you snap back to reality?


You call this reality?

Screw the ugly graffiti. I could understand if there was a great piece of art or your photo on the wall near my house...
But they just crap on the walls - that is all they do.

That one is something hahaha:

My some photowork


Amazing post @onceuponatime

Here is another work of mine hope you will appreciate it


The meaning of civilization is something personal. To manifest socially it would be good for everyone to understand the reason of his existence. So in order to have a culture again, we must first look ourselves individually and do not block the different roads that each one has to get there. It's a beautiful game as long as we focus on light and not into the dark.

Χίλια μπράβο! A thousand bravos for all your effort!
Barbarians will always be barbarians, but is our duty as members of this society to try educate and make people care about things other than themselves.

Oh! And just like you said, there are ugly grafittis, but there are real works of art. I spent my univerisity years in Thessaloniki and next to the ugliness and pure wish for destruction (driven by rage and disapointment) you could see quality paintings that actually turned old, deserted buildings into beautiful canvases and run down neighbourhoods into street galleries. Too bad I don't have any photos to show you...


Probably one way of judging whether it is art or desecration is if the person who puts it there has the blessings of the owner of and/or community around the site. This would be a first prerequisite IMHO.


I would agree on that, but: the final outcome could still be real art despite the "artist" having asked for permission or just took the initiative and "created" on someone else's property. What if Picasso (or any other established artist) was a graffiti artist and filled the streets with murals at will? Wouldn't his creations still be art?

What I am trying to say is that we should be trying to cultivate respect and good manners. It is an indication of how educated people are. A talent is wasted if the artist acts like an animal within the society they belong to.

I just remembered this mural by @romanie, street mural, Ibiza 2016

And this is just an example of the graffitis in Thessaloniki (I found the photo on the internet, but I have walked past this building and it is very beautiful):

Your distorted picture could be an excellent model for Salvador Dali! Of course, I agree with you in denouncing this kind of art, street art that does not take into account what it destroys (the support of the drawing). I can show that there is an alternative. I am a friend of a young artist who also makes graffiti: like a picture or on the subway in Bucharest (with the approval of the authorities)


IMG_20170904_155448 (2).jpg


The permission of the site owner is the first prerequisite for it to be "art" in my opinion. And yes, I have seen much street art that is incredibly beautiful. But that is not what I am talking about in this post. The barbarians in some of the towns around here are even spray painting on windows.


The same in Bucharest and I don't agree on this at all. I think these barbarians are people(probably young) without the slightest education. It's hard to fight against them.

The question one needs to ask is...
How would you feel & what would you do if your home or car was selected during the night and defaced or marked without your permission?
Would this not be considered a crime? ... a collapse of our civilization as @onceuponatime clearly indicates.
Would you like that? Is this the type of world we wish to live in?

Hats off to @onceuponatime & the "heroes" (including Christoforos) who remind us all that actions speak louder than words!

They potentially only dealt with graffiti before the invasions. Because the barbarians shouldn’t have been able to write....? But graffiti could simply be someone writing their name somewhere as opposed to a mural-like graphic defacing a wall.


Some of the current barbarians merely spray paint gang signs to desecrate the scenery. I am sure ancient barbarians were equally capable of such barbarity (using mud or shit or charcoal or something in lieu of spray paint).

You did a great job! Some graffiti really does look bad it is considered an act of vandalism in my country. And even imprisonment or a large fine can be a punishment for graffiti. But there are also stunning graffiti real works of art. Graffiti that add sophistication to the style and special charm of the city. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Most graffiti is simply absurd, obscene words, curses. In Russia where I live you can often see the writing "ХУЙ" (that means male gender body) I not understand sense this stupidity. In my opinion this is vandalism and idiocy.


Even if it is not ugly, it is vandalism and hence uncivilized if you do not first have the consent of the wall owner or community to put it there.


Yes this is so, I agree. To coordinate with the building owner is necessary if you want to create a decoration, not a crime. Look at these graffiti, I think they deserve to be called Art.





They are beautiful, and hence art, if the property owner consented to their creation. Otherwise they are vandalism.

Ι like graffitti those that express art and not vandalism in any wall or space !!
Congratulations on the beautiful transformation of the building for the #open to your bliss # seminar by @aumsong!!!


Yes, but much graffiti is vandalism, not art.


Υes, because the world and especially the young ones are extinguishing their anger in the wrong way. Those who actually make graffitti are artists who turn around the world, I've seen a related documentary.

The moment you see the last picture of this post!!!!!

You did a great job!!!
It was so tacky before.

Later edit:IMG_1622.JPG
Now I realized that the graffitis are a serious problem, are almost everywhere in Greece, I was skimming through my post and then I made the connection between this post and one of my latest post.


Not just Greece!

what do you think the cave paintings are?



graffiti or art?


That's Alien art...especially the last photo 😛

PS. Man you look so COOL btw. You look like a member of the BBQ Pit Boys. No joke!!!


dunno who the BBQ guys are..but I'll take that as a complement.
Occams razor...which is more likely
Aliens...or an ancient lost civilization?


They are civilization (of the time), NOT the desecration of civilization.

lol... I like the Greece way of parking a lot.

Great job sir @onceuponatime !!!
We are glad and very lucky to have you here in Korinth...!!!


What do you think of our efforts?
You and @twiceuponatime are doing great, helping this platform to grow, helping minnows like us. Your are really doing a great job.
And I don't understand why people are doing this, it sucks.

What can I say? people have chosen graffiti as a cultural thing now, once upon a time, it wasn't like that, but I think I'd rather go for the last picture where everything looks bare and clean.
never knew it was so in Greece too

@bitcoinist, really did a good job lol nice billboard with @onceuponatime,

another meet-up?


Graffiti isn't a cultural thing now. It is an anti-cultural thing now.

Everyone must respect the laws
Graffiti has become a means of expression
Really great photos posted well


"Graffiti has become a means of expression"

What, like shitting on your front porch is a means of expression?

it's so cool @onceuponatime, you do have a very high social spirit. I applaud your work, because it is very useful for all people. If we ourselves are very difficult to make this world civilized again, because it will not be achieved if others do not want to do that, but if in a country all people want to unite, I am sure, whatever we do, satisfactory result. Because of the success of a country, it depends on all the people in the country. Thanks for sharing, and hope you have a wonderful day... :)

It's nice to see the wall cleaned and well done my friend, you did the freat job. It looks new now.. :)

We can make world civilized by joint collaboration and association...


Yes we can.

I'm not against graffiti but also I'm not a big fan of it, some may seem beautiful but most of them we're kinda annoying and seem to bring not so good scenario. With your photos I'd rather choose the one with new painting 'coz it looks very clean and peaceful. The effort is awesome with a beautiful outcome. Congratulations to all the team for a job well done. Thanks for the share. God bless

hahahahahahahaha, You got pretty beautiful nose sir :p
I'm 100 % agree that your nose get out of joint when you see some graffiti?


My nose is blushing at your flattery :-)


hahaha ;) you are cool man!
God bless you <3

To your question- "Do you think that our ancestors had to deal with graffitti before the barbarian invasions?"
Of course yes ! Cave paintings are the earliest graffiti :) . Graffiti are social reportage "in your face".

And that parking lot ! It blew me ! It is like the parking video game !!!! Stuck & Lost !

Great seeing a glimpse of Plaka district, @onceuponatime .

Bur the best part was the distinguishable "distinguished" street art. It is "beautiful" :). And the "Hero" is awesome.


I don't agree. Cave paintings were the culture of the time, not a desecration of culture.

Grafiitti is scrawling your gang sign on the Mona Lisa. It is barbaric, ugly, disrespectful, futile, and leads nowhere but to further degradation of the society.

Can we turn things around?


Yes, in this sense graffiti is direspectful and ugly as compared to cave paintings.

However, I was primarily talking about graffiti and cave paintings , both expressing the social sentiment of their respective times.

We are living in a social atmosphere of disrespect, chaos , crime, distortion and ugliness. Graffiti of today reflects the same.

Perhaps we can turn things around. But for things to turn around, first a cycle needs to end. The dilapidated tower needs to collapse before a new tower can come up.

We are living the tower moment as they say in Tarot.

And we do have beautifully structured street art.
This reflects that b attempt to restore the society is definitely underway .

Let us do our bit and have faith, @onceuponatime .

Bravo!!! I hate the beaches look though! It gets into my nerves...


Well, if I actually owned the building I would have put a lot more into the way it looks. (I certainly wouldn't want to get into your nerves lol). But we were only going to be using it for the weekend.


I will wait till you buy the beaches!


Well in that case you better talk more of your friends into upvoting me (so you will not have to wait so long)

yeah, unfortunately most of graffiti in Greece is suc a far cry1 from real art and in most cases just crap... Much like most modern Greek buildings which are the epitome of ugliness.

Props to you for helping clean the mess a bit :)

It is a shame but white or light paints on building sometimes people interpret as an invitation "to come and draw something" using graffiti like in western countries or coal there is nothing else. It is like a canvas for artists.

In my home city there was a building that had a big light colored wall without windows and almost every week it was a horrible graffiti work was left, so the owners painted it every week. One day they decided to ask a well know among graffiti users artist to do a nice work of him on that wall, of course he left his signature under and it was really a great artistic work. You can't that wall never was spoiled again.

So that might be a decision for such buildings too.

That is a great job you, guys have done, before and after photos are really impressive. We need to involve more people in such projects.

I believe that in the past our ancestor also had to deal with such naughty young people who liked to leave their traces on walls. This is just very human.

Thanks for your educating post and wish you a nice weekend @onceuponatime

I don't think our ancestors had to deal with this and we shouldn't either. That was a very nice clean up you all did and I am totally impressed. This looks way better now and I totally love the clean up. You guys look all clean up and cute too.


Ah, now I'm blushing.


Haha you are one interesting man. I like you. You are really funny and kind. Thank you

DQmTNkGGPqosFfh4vrXiVj12izxHE8oCZFA8UBekGM77i6K_1680x8400 (1).jpeg

Lmfao this seems to be more chaotic than here in India 😂 what to do when you need to get the last car out? 😂

Awesome, initiative @onceuponatime! Your work is really beautiful and I agree with you the graffiti you cover up with paint looks just awful. Seriously makes me want to puke. Your work actually makes the buildings look fresh and brand new.

Some graffiti in my home town, which is usually pre-agreed with the state looks much nicer than the building itself. For example:

Bonus question:
I doubt that they had graffiti back than. So the walls should have been pretty clean :))

Amazing art work done on walls , your painting on a wall is also looking good , I know it's not real it's only photo effect .

that looks cool and fun bro @onceuponatime

@twiceuponatime has always
ways been helping you alot in creating memories.....
You have been doing alot of work...GENTLEMAN


He is helping a lot.

I really love what you guys did with the painting. I wonder why people just go around painting walls and buildings that do not belong to them . Why hasn't there been any law prohibiting this act of nuisance.

What's ilthe name of that colour you guys used in doing the painting? Peach?

Hope the even went as planned and successful?

You are right, now there are a lot of graffiti on our streets and often they are inappropriate or generally vulgar, so of course I would be pleased to live in the place where you are with the company in the photo and I think that many also would like to live! Thank you @onceuponatime


The funny thing is that some governments are actually supporting it.
A state governor in my country recently commissioned grafitti artists to place their art on public structures across the state.


A commissioned work is not what I am calling graffitti.

We all need to be united to find better solutions.
Well arranged post sir.

Great, everything was clean and nice to watch. You did a great job. It's good that there were still people who care about what the streets of the city look like.

Good morning... i prefer the photo with us! :)))
our ancestors had to deal with graffitti :PPP
look this


P.S. we can make the world civilized if Tsipras goes somewhere else... :ppp

Very funny the first photo :D Well this is kinda creepy, we should clean our street or houses walls.

well civilizing the world again ?

yes we can, but it require lot of efforts, not from the specific group of people but from every individual who want's change.

Union is strength

upvoted and resteemed.

Congratulations on the beautiful transformation of the building for the #open to your bliss # seminar by @aumsong!!!

The true indicator of civilization is not the level of wealth and education, not the size of cities, not the abundance of the harvest, but the appearance of the person being brought up by the country. And you proved it, you are civilized and very good person :)

Finally i get to see @onceuponatime face.. This is amazing.

Oh yah I’m with you on this... it feels ghetto, third world and no pride in self, home or concern for property.

We have a new fad of murals, perhaps to prevent the unholy graffiti, but to me it still a shame and like alley cats marking everything.

Ugly graffiti is insanity, you guys are awesome, thanks for all your effort, i definitely choose to live beside the plain walls, they look more sane
Graffiti has always kind of existed in history from all those cave drawings i guess and im sure it was something else

Do you think that our ancestors had to deal with graffitti before the barbarian invasions?

Believe it or not, but this is graffiti style from the first century.
Here is the meaning of first century graffiti.
“Deeds are for the young, counsels for the middle-aged, but farts for the old men.”
(This is authentic and real first century joke)

BTW: your paint job is very professional. I noticed how clean you paint job is. I do love graffiti of “you” of your portrait by . However, the thing I will remember the most from your post is your nose get out of joint lol.

with @onceuponatime's generosity we are able to offer this to you for...

I can see you had taken very good care of ladies.
Great job!

I really think you guys did a great job at repainting and all..the graffiti's actually looked awesome as works of art but not not quite decent enough for a gathering.. Great job clearing them nice work...

Well, if i start counting how beautifully you inspired the so many people around the globe including myself, then off course i would not be able to count how wonderful inspiration you are @onceuponatime
This building seems really beautiful just like a wall of National College of Arts. That nose though :P :D :D is leaving behind the character of Mr. Bean

I am really thankful to @twiceuponatime who is always ready to bring something new for the readers <3

Stay Blessed :)

This is exactly what we call being "an active citizen"
You people,literally transformed that place.
You managed to make that place really beautiful and warm.
It is a whole different story a beautiful graffiti from an artist that decorates a wall, than this....

P.S Our ancestors had a different type of graffiti...they described science and life and it was part of their legacy for next generations...

P.S 2 I really enjoy your sarcasm

hahah we have got a lot of work to do now ;p

I appreciate your efforts for the upliftment and betterment of the steem community. Both you @onceuponatime and @twiceuponatime have contributed a lot to this block chain based platform.
I Don't oppose graffiti but I don't think it's good for people to make fun of real art work.
Some graffiti are absolutely amazing but it's not like that people can do it on every wall and block. I think there should be strict rules for restricting these acts in public places

a nice graffitti image, it should be cleaned up, it should not be cleaned up and make a garden with a graffitti painting on the wall who knows will produce more interesting.

very smart bro!

I believe that Graffitti had a great art itself! But to conduct an event, it's a good thinking to clean, paint and etc the area!
Hope it might be a big event! Willing to hear big news soon!


Disturbing no doubt! You have the perfect expression... :D

These definitely never existed with our ancestors, hahahaha. You guys did an amazing job there sir. Parking lot too? Wow!. This is what you have all been up to there. Totally worth it. You are all looking so cleaned up too i must admit.You did amazingly great, i am totally impressed with this.

What a breath of fresh air for those walls, i wish i can say the same for the graffiti artists. This looks more better. Well done sirs.

Well i would definitely prefer to live near the clean one. Yes some work is really nice, but very rare :(

Well done @ onceuponatime

Well the mad world we live in has come a long way from civilization.
Nowadays it feels like there's a conspiracy by barbarians to pull down what their fathers built.

As a an ex-artist I have to say that graffiti does have it appeal when it's on paper.

I can enjoy a YouTube video or two of someone doing grafitti on paper, but don't you dare deface my building with spray paint.

I admire your effort in cleaning up. I heard painting is tough work, how did your back feel after?.

This really sucks..
I don't understand why people have to do this.

I think they had more important things to take care of

lol! but great thougt👍

Humans need the environment to meet their needs. Much human activity involves the environment, either directly or indirectly. This relationship or interaction between humans and the environment if done irresponsibly will disrupt the balance and sustainability of nature. Disturbance of balance and sustainability of nature will have an impact on human life.

The wall looks definitely better painted red instead of this grafitti. I hope you had a fun time :)

lol.. I had to laugh when scrolling to the second image:-)

You're right, 95% of all graffiti is garbage. But sometimes you can actually find a marble in between. They should tax spray paint more.

Good job to the gentleman, who did that. It's not cool to draw random graffiti on the walls where people just try to live and enjoy their lives (If only it's a fantastic drawing).

That face, when you see an ugly graffiti, lol.

Good post my freind..

Oh! This is really not fair...

great effort.

That graffiti was looking awful, I like the way the building looks after the clean up.Graffiti rarely looks good unless it is done in an organised manner by an experienced artist. Seems like you guys had a nice meet-up :)

Kind of weird stuff! But these artwork looks amazing! :)


It kinda does lol but would you do this to the walls of your own house


That's why it is weird! No one likes it to be at your home or place even if it is nice one.

I think it is always possible to be better every day and have a more beautiful environment. I am fortunate to live at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by trees, squirrels, birds, butterflies, spiders, lizards, centipedes, snails, ... a great biodiversity in my patio ha ha
A spectacular climate where we grow all year round. We have cocoa, mango, lemon, pineapple, sarrapia, avocado plants ...

This is a great post, but I am almost ashaed to admit, the picture that got most of my attention was the parking lot.

Man, how on earth did you manage to get that done? It looks like an effing tetris!!

whether will we be civilized or not it depends on us. if we want to make the world civilized we can do. for this we need to be more positive in this regard.

This is really a great work, having to clean,scrap and paint it back to reality(sane). Ain't an easy job but there was a drive for it which was the meetup. Since you ain't using that same place. The owner will everly be grateful for shaping the building. Well done Sir

Peoples should takecare of places where they live and made this world full of peace and love.

There are murals and street art, and then there is tagging and graffiti. One could be considered art, the other is more ego. 'Here I am. You can't stop me.' It is along with robbery and vandalism, among the uglier disregards for property or ownership.

I know some kids just don't learn that even if something looks abandoned or worthless, that's not their right to tag it. Less if it's functioning and either someone's home, business, church or school.

Sadly, graffiti is universal. Wherever there's youth and not so young people who don't respect property or for whatever reason feel they need to be known or heard, you will find graffiti. And, generally, you will also find those who are willing to give of their time, their talents and their resources to help clean it up.

So, not saying graffiti is a good thing—it's not—but ultimately good things can happen because good people choose to do it. And if the taggers reforms along the way, even better. :)

Dear @onceuponatime
You have done a noble task, I very much appreciate this noble work and reward in your community and all other environmental lover community.
Let's clean living, it doesn't mean we don't like art, but there is a place of creative people not litter the environment with a streak of wall.
The cleanliness of the environment has a very important role and inseparable in the life of a human being. Keep the environment clean same means creating a healthy environment, free of impurities, such as dust, sampahdan smell unpleasant. With a healthy environment, we will not be susceptible to various diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, vomiting and others. Not only in the field of health, the environmental hygiene is also very influential towards the comfort, beauty and atmosphere environment which later comes down to peace. All this can be achieved by doing the deed is small and simple, ranging from maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around us. However,
Eradicate the bad habit of disposing of garbage is not as easy to reverse the Palm of the hand or by way of seminars each day. In other words the same difficulty with anti-corruption from our country or remove prostitution from the environment in which we live. It could all be prevented from within ourselves from from an early age. What if we've grown up and already has a bad habit? Then there is such thing as self awareness. Without it, then it is impossible to save the Earth from destruction.

Imagine, that the creators of the biggest pollutants is not a student, was not the mother-homemaker, but businessmen who have factories, industries, wineries, mines involving many parties from the start of local government the local owner of the company itself, its employees and workers, as well as the people who live around that location.
Thanks for this @onceupinatime
hope you are healthy always. I would like to ask your opinion about
Seen from so many cases of violence on children, in which the State functions that protect their citizens??
if you do not mind to visit my bloq for one love. my happy step, thanks @onceuponatime you my best motivation

Very good painting, can't even noticed the colors it was painted before

I think that was a big improvement. I just hope that @twiceuponatime showed up to help!!