Remember these VERY important facts happened in THIS order.

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Julian Assange was arrested.

It came out that the request was for US extradition.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party and in opposition to PM May, made the first call for Assange not to be extradited to the US.

Labour MPs made up almost all of the 70 MPs from the Brit parliament to call for Assange to face extradition to Sweden rather than the US (note: Corbyn didn't want Assange extradited to the US but his MPs then scrambled an alternative, had no problem and encouraged his extradition to Sweden).

Obamas and Clintons and Pelosi then travel to UK, Pelosi to Germany.

Pelosi meets with the Labour party.

What are the common links here?

Labour and Corbyn are aligned with Iran. This is about the Iran deal or Hezboallah and some evidence they think Assange has.

BRIBES FOR THE IRAN DEAL cover all these parties PLUS Merkel.

Iran releases list of politicians who were bribed for Iran, all those people listed above are screwed. Ergo, the INSURANCE FILES FROM WIKILEAKS CONTAIN THE INFORMATION ABOUT WHO GOT WHAT FROM THE IRAN DEAL

IRAN DEAL was on the SERVER.

Assange has the goods on the IRAN DEAL and NORTH KOREA and nuclear proliferation in SYRIA by IRAN.

Think Logically.

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