Gratitudeday55: Grateful for Health

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**What is Health? **
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


We don't know the value of something until we no longer have it.

Good Health is a gift that should be treasured. Every other activity we carry out is as a result of the health we have. A person who has health limitations may be smarter and even more intelligent than we are, but such a person will lack the ability to execute his ideas.

I am someone who never really pays attention to my health until it finally gets the better of me. I have a daily routine that keeps me active almost all day.

It happened that on Sunday which happened to be the first month of the month of July my body finally gave in. As usual, I had plans for the day with my first few hours dedication to church and church related activities.
At about some minutes past 10a.m I began to feel very tired, I overlooked this symptoms until I my body finally gave in a couple of hours later.

Of course, I had planned out my day and I had a couple of places to be. I wanted to execute these plans but I couldn't. I felt this weakness in my body and I finally decided to rest.

Thank God I woke up feeling much better on Monday and I could go about my daily business.


My name is Akande Lucky Akorede (@korexe) and I am grateful

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