So much gratitude!

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@theycallmedan put out a gratitude challenge this week and @denissemata tagged me to participate.


Not a day goes by that I am not grateful that I found Steem in May of 2017. An old friend from TSU, @uwelang made a post in a Facebook group that I belonged to, and he suggested giving #Steemit a try.

After TSU collapsed I had tried many other Social Media sites, but none of them won my heart and nothing gave me the sense of community that I was looking for.

I had been busy caring for Jim, who was dying of cancer, and after his death in January I was grieving and lonely and Steem came into my life at exactly the right time. Many of my old TSU friends joined Steem and I found the community once again that I had been missing!
Having Steem to learn about and focus on made that first year of living alone and working my way out of the fog of loss more tolerable for me. There were so many new friends here in countries all around the world!

Being on Steem has introduced me to the world of crypto currency and I continue to learn more each day. I had been on social media, but crypto was a whole new and foreign world to me, and now I find that I know more than any of my family and real life friends.

My posts are filled with photos I have taken. Photos which document many of my life experiences and posting them here has challenged me to become a better photographer. I am still just a grandma taking pictures, but being here has taught me to be more mindful of the things around me and to look at the detail of my world through different eyes.

I started here with 0 Steem and after 2 years I now have 10,000. I have never sold any and I believe the future will show me what a wise decision that has been. The Tribe Tokens on Steem Engine are offering new opportunities to learn and grow.
Every single day there is something new being built here.

I can not think of any place else that I would have rather spent 2 years of my time.

I am tagging old friends @ackhoo @tatoodjay @barbara-orenya

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Glad you are here!! 😊

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Thanks, my friend! I love that we have all been given this opportunity.

Attitude of gratitude.

It is the best way to go through life, isn't it?

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Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing your story, @melinda010100 - glad to have you here! :)

aTnks you! I really appreciate the opportunity to share my Steem story. Thanks for the vote and for the resteem--That was a pleasant surprise!

So nice when something comes to you at just the right time that you need it too.

I don't know why it continues to surprise me when that happens!

Hi @melinda010100, such a heartfelt post. I so agree with the friendship and connection on Steemit. I thank the person who introduced this platform to me in 2018. I love writing and this is what I have done since joining, connecting is everything.

I can't think of any place I would rather be!

Howdy Melinda! What a wonderful testimony to the power of a great site like Steemit, that is truly inspirational! Plus, congratulations on the double Dolphin status, wow!

My goal was to get to 10,000 before the hardfork, and I made it, with the help of some purchased Steem! These low prices are good for something!

Yes, what a great time to build our accounts, that was a smart move!

I just wish I had more dollars to invest right now!

That would be great. I wish I did too. We could invest a little but Mrs. J wants to invest in other things so all I can hope for is to be able to tell her that we should have invested in Steem!

OOh I didn't see your tagging me my dear ! I was thinking while reading your post that I had the same gratitude for Steem than you have and the same trusting in our future there

No worries and of course you are not obliged to do a gratitude post! We have had a similar journey, haven't we? ❤️

Yes we have indeed my dear ! And I would like to do a gratitude post but I am about to travel the country in a few hours for a long week-end...I have already planned my tonight post and the tomorrow one also, with the Esteem schedule ! 😉 I will probably miss sunday's one but it doesn't matter as I don't feel I absolutely have to do a post each day of course...😃 even if I write one daily, I make it by pleasure and freedom 😉
I wish you a magnificent week-end my dear !
Ps : by the way, I'm going to visit our dear friend @pipurilla ^_^ Isn't that wonderful ? We have already met 3 times in Annecy but it will be the first time we go to Luxembourg and will stay the week-end at his home !

Oh how fun! Give him a hug and tell him it is from me! Safe travels!

Oh how fun! Give him
A hug and tell him it is
From me! Safe travels!

                 - melinda010100

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Amazing Mel how you through the years and you deserve many great thing! :)

Thanks, my dear friend!

Being here has been the best thing that has happened to us. I always appreciate being your friend💙

And I love and treasure your friendship! There is so much to be grateful for.

This is how every day there are so many wonderful things to be thankful for

I was also on TSU, Melinda. Happy to have found you here. 😊

Doesn't it seem a lifetime ago?

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And I'm glad to have you here! 😉 Steemit has been a great learning opportunity for me too, really glad I've found it.

Thanks! It is going to be so much fun to watch what happens during the next year!

For sure! 😉👍

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Are any of your family members and real life friends also active on Steem?

No. My daughter has an unused account @zythia13 and I have recently tried to get a couple of the family members to use actifit. I need to follow up with them.

Hi! I'm the daughter! I don't remember to do anything here, or pretty much anywhere on my social media accounts. I read some things on Facebook and post a couple times a day. I forget about all my groups, Instagram, Twitter, all of that. Lolol It's just not something I think about! :)

In your experience, what stops them from being active Steemians?

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For my kids it is simply time. My daughter's love is being a member of a car club and they all hang out on fakebook. My son has an intense job in Chicago and has no interest in adding to his already heavy load. They both cheer me on with my efforts.

Seems like it's catch 22 for newbies. I wrote about it here:

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This is a beautiful gratitude post, @melinda010100. I didn't realize you lost your husband so close to the time you joined the platform - it sounds like it came into your life at just the right time. I am so glad to have gotten to know you through this amazing Steem community, and I'm happy we get to continue journeying on together. People like you are the reason this blockchain rocks!

Thanks, Traci! Steem stopped me from feeling so alone after Jim died and gave me a wonderful new focus. My MS prevents me from driving and I was feeling pretty isolated from the world. Steem gave me reason to keep on! I am never lonely knowing that you all are as close as my keyboard!

I can understand that - October 17, 2017 is the last day I ever drove by myself anywhere other than moving the car out of the way in the driveway. Having Steem friends only a few keyboard clicks away really helps me too! 🤗

You remember the last day! While Jim was alive it was just easier to let him do the driving. I could tell that my reaction times were slow and I didn't have the necessary leg power anymore. My drivrers license comes up for renewal in two weeks and I am going to have my daughter take me in to renew it so that I have it as an ID....and in case I become able to buy a self driving car!

I only remember because I blogged about it...LOL! However, I realized just now that I was a little bit off - it was actually September 17th, which had been the first time I'd driven since health issues in June 2017, which is why my first time behind the wheel was a big thing (before realizing it would also be my last). The following week I had more health issues, culminating in a trip to the ER on October 15th which was the beginning of the long road to my Essential Tremor diagnosis (among other things).

And even though I've been the same way with my Jim for many years (it was always easier to let him drive than to listen to him tell me how to drive...😜), I really enjoyed driving, so it was a big deal for me when I realized I might not ever be able to again. I was able to renew my license online last year, and when the time comes that I have to go to the DMV, it'll do the same - they better hurry up with those self driving cars already!

After riding in my son's new car and seeing how smart it is, it made me realize that it has a lot of features that would make driving much simpler for me. My problem is that even if I drive somewhere I'm going to be sitting there in the car! I would still need somebody along with me to help me with my mobility scooter, so I might as well just let that person do the driving to!

Yeah, good point. Hopefully that's the next step in self driving cars - getting them set up so that maybe your mobility scooter could be integrated with the car, and you could just ride it out after you park. I'm sure there'd be a a huge call for something like that...

That would be a dream come true! Right now I am feeling pretty stuck.

Hi @melinda010100
This is such a nice post and good journey so far. Indeed STEEM has changed many lives and I loved reading this amazing post of yours. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks so much! Steem fills some pretty huge holes in my life. Thanks for your kind comment.

Hello, I believe someone is plagiarizing your content on other platforms. Is this you, @melinda010100?

If not, please contact Staff at Narrative and report them.

I have no intentions of signing up for Narrative and see no way to contact staff without signing up. Looks like my friend @orcdu is on to of it.

If you so choose here's the contact info.


While our downvotes can demonetize the posts, Narrative Staff says they have no way to prove the content isnt the user posting it, even if the usernames are different unless the original author reports it.

Thanks for the info. And thanks for being one of the good guys and trying to stop this thief!

You said it so beautifully Melinda............I am grateful for being here too with you and all my friends 🌸💖🌸

Thanks, luv! It has been quite a journey for both of us!

My pleasure Melinda........yes it was 💖😊💖