Some asked.. 'How do I keep creating during these bear markets?' || Financially, talking Steem

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You know, Steem has been so quiet lately.. Or it’s just me that assume it is? No, I don’t think so. Some have been keeping creating and of course, some left. I’m here still happy creating (almost) daily and still have fun doing it so during these bear markets.. Financially talking and simply calculating that you may also already know, I’m saying it out loud in this video still. We’re in a good place here on the blockchain and I’m grateful for it.

One example of the questions here from @overkillcoin
'You've done an extreme amount of work and I'm happy to see your great progress. It also helps that you have a great attitude during these bear markets. How DO you manage THAT? :D'

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Lots of lots of love,

Mo ❤

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this is only temporary!
we will make it happen soon :) <3


just a few more!
let;s just fill our bags until it comes to rescue us from the rat race :D

Thanks so much for this video, I was going to make a similar one as I am new to this platform and was a bit concerned. I do believe in the platform and crypto in general so I do think it will rise again and even higher. Just was wondering who else had nerves about it- travel vlogging is very expensive, to be fully honest, part of my content creation is in hopes of supplementing the costs of creation (i.e. taking 2 extra taxis than I would, to get better shots, etc). Thanks again - subbed and thumbs up


Oh my! Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. I already got your profile opened and will come to check out your travel contents tonight after I get home. Yeah, I do believe that and I'm glad you do too! Steem on! ❤️

Don't worry about the money. If your positive attitude and smile in your videos makes others smile and feel positive, its more valuable than money. The universe will pay you back.


I must agree with this!


I don't think it's just one or the other though. It all come together as we're literally on the steem blockchain.. and the crypto currency is a huge part of it. Positivity and smile are also valuable for sure just like you said. Steem on! 🐒✌️


I know. I just mean that if some people are not creating content because steem price is low, then they are on the blockchain for the wrong reasons. Yes some might be here to make a livin, but some creators like you are creating content regardless of the low price of steem, and your positivity will keep your followers engaged which can only help promote, improve and help grow the steem blockchain as a whole.


Oh my, yes, I do agree and muchly appreciate your saying :) ❤️❤️❤️ 🙏

YEs it is here lately quiet. But that's why we are here and make the voice and try tell everyone out there.... A Change Is Gonna Come.... And who HODL ....this fill get more stronger then we were last year.

But ... I am very sure if we look this Music ... and we not think so much why it is here quiet just now. And then our nerves are even stronger.

Summer says

so we all are coming back?


They all will come back when the time comes. I'm here still.. I have always been! ❤️

great & impressive

sk8r girl, s8 into my s2


That's jesse wellen, not casey neistat

Your amazing smile is like instant content.
You actually brighten the locations You go to with it!!!!

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Your welcome

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I believe in you, Steem is fortunate to have you on their platform. My philosophy id it's not about the number it's about the experience, the connections the community. You seem to be living just like that. You add value to everyone's life you touch. Lost my login to my Steem and need to get going again. Partly because of your inspiration as well as a few others on here. You are right people will be back. Still kicking myself for missing meeting you and your friends last April in Patong.


Thanks for the comment! and glad you're back! Yesssss, that was too bad we didn't meet last time. We're just that close ! 😭❤️

To continue is easier then stop and come back.
There was time steem was even lower and also people stopped and when the price came back up, many regretted and came back with missed opportunity.


Wow, sounds like you know a lot dolphin! :D Glad I always have you as a friend here on Steem! hahaha ❤️


I only know it has been worst. :-)

Faith +1 ! I believe, and I have a similar attitude towards creating, as it is fun for me to do, and I don't really care about the price of it too much, but as you said, it will be good when the markets go back!

Most important we like creating and getting to know more about blockchain and network ourselves towards the communities and people we like!

Keep on Rockin' Mo!


Wow! haha :D You too keep on ROCKIN' ❤️

Yes, I do the same :D Every STEEM is a 100$! So every SPAM message I get (0.001 STEEM) is also 10 cents and I get almost a dollar a day :') It really helps looking at it like that. Well said! You're better at skateboarding than I am! LOL!


Thanks for watching and hey, yer better at ballet than I am also hahahaha LOLOL


LOL - we all have something :')