Your Opinion Matters - Thank You

in gratitude •  5 months ago

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who gave their opinion on which cover I should use for the kids book yesterday.

@goldmatters @eoj @suitcasemama @reialfr @tcpolymath @fullofhope @aussieninja @vintageverve @themonkeyzuelans I’ve upvoted your comments from yesterday!

And to the rest of you who have commented so far:
@connecteconomy @daveonarrival @indigoocean @ross-early @doctorcrypto @emmakkayluv @pardinus @olawalium @travelling-two @itwithsm

I promise to upvote yours as well, but I am going to wait until my voting power is higher because right now it’s at 49% and you deserve better than that! Thank you all SO much###

If anyone else wants to check it out, I’d appreciate your opinion too! The more feedback, the better!

Now, remember I said MAYBE I'd give some SBDs in exchange for your opinion?

Well, I decided to do it, 'cause there's nothing like a spontaneous giveaway!

So, I drew 2 of your names out of an empty tea box (because I accidentally left my hat on the airplane last week).

I shook the box like a madwoman to mix the names up nice and good.

I was really nervous because I want everyone to win, but unfortunately that's not how the world works, which bummed me out momentarily.

My palms started sweating.

Or, they were already sticky because the humidity has been literally making my keyboard sticky today (yuck on a stick).

I covered my eyes so I couldn’t cheat.

I immediately realized that I COULD have drawn the names out of a hat, but it was too late. They were already in the tea box and there was no turning back.

So I opened the box and pulled out five names.

Then I put them back in the box to draw again and get down to the final 2!


Who is it?

@olawalium and @suitcasemama and @goldmatters!

I know that’s 3, but I just couldn’t bring myself to stop at 2. There’s a major adrenaline rush that you get when drawing names out of a box!!!

I hope someday I'm a whale and can give a fat upvote to everyone who didn't win, but until then...

Congratulations, winners, 1 SBD each for giving your opinion! I've already sent them your way!

And again thank you so much to all of you! Your thoughts and opinions are SO valuable!

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Hahahahaa, you are beyond amazing!
Possibly the best hat photo on all of the internets. ALL!

With all your skillz, words of hilarity and amazing photography, I'm sure you'll be a whale in no time!

Hahahahaha I loved your dynamic. The best of the successes for your book and I hope you manage to organize all those good ideas. Greetings.


She seems to be so funny and free, she's gotten this tender heart, no wonder she's writing for the kids... Lmao

This is a good gesture @nomadicsoul,i hope to win someday too.cheers!!!!


Lol, you can if you don't give up trying...

Lol, you are such a funny woman....

Well, it's cool, congratulations to the winners, better luck for the rest of us next time.. Smike

Yay! @suitcasemama won!!! I'll talk to her about forgoing her prize in exchange for a signed copy of the book ;)

Dang, I missed out. I LOVE giving my opinion! hahaha


😆 you still can! I'll upvote your comment when my power gets higher again (it's at 49 percent)


:) very cool book! I gave my vote. Thanks!


You can still check for the post and drop your opinion... Smile

Waaa?? Thats so nice of you :):) I feel like i should be sending YOU SBD not the other way around!

Congratulations to the winners... Bad luck I missed it... Thanks for posting..

YAY, I won!!!! Thank you @nomadicsoul, that was nice of you!
<3 @suitcasemama

Yaaaaaay! Thanks a lot beautiful. Received and thank you so much. Duly appreciated and i am glad to help

Oh no! We missed this post. But anyways We got SO anxious just by reading it hahaha