I don't know the definition to give to that word called Laughter. It goes beyond the show of our 32 teeth that may be white or Brown depending on the dentition one has.

Laughter is a word that exist in a world where sadness and sorrows do not find a place of coexistence with it. Laughter keeps you away from anger and unforgiveness.
Some laughter come along with some drops of tears. Not tears generated out of pains but tears generated from excessive joy on the inside that the eyes decided to have some shares with the mouth. The eyes at that point could only join in the laughter by giving some water droplets to the mouth.

In the world of laughter exist long life and peace. Murder and suicide don't find a place of expression when laughter comes from the heart of heart.
In the world of laughter. Your envious enemies get more frustrated because they cant place the reason behind your laughter.
Laughter is a good medicine that needs to be taken daily.

Have You Laughed Today?

Don't always cry out tears but rather laugh out tears.



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very nice post. I love to laugh. its my favorite emoji.... :D

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i have laugh every single day

also check out my post, comment and upvote thanks



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Thanks so much sir. I really appreciate

Laughter is the best medicine as they say. I did a post recently asking people to tell me a joke, and I got some good ones. I'd love to hear if you've got any ;)

Me too, laugh every single day with my kids especially. They taught me everyday is a day of fun and laughter. It does boost me up, more than a cup of coffee. Nice sharing here. Steem on 🙂

Sharing a joke or two can bring laughter and chatter. Big smiles bring people closer easing off tension or misunderstanding among people.

Crack a big smile, everyone :-D

Laughter is so important for our health. It puts that good positive energy in us that we need for our body and minds to function properly!

It's true that laughter is not good for our psychological well being, but for our health as well... It uplifts our emotions and radiate a sense of happiness in people around us... well written @inspiredgideon1

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