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GRAFT is building a blockchain based network outfitted particularly to Point of Sale (POS) exchanges with cryptocurrencies. GRAFT has effectively raised Six million dollar by offering Twenty-two million tokens by means of the organization's ICO.

Decentralized installment preparing stage GRAFT has effectively sold more than Twenty-two million of its ICO tokens, raising around Six million dollar 3days before people in general sale closes.
GRAFT, which goes about as a middleman to help cryptocurrency clients make Point of Sale (POS) exchanges more inexpensively than with conventional crypto debit cards, has an ICO hard top of $25 million.


Point of Sale Goes Decentralized

Portraying itself as a "universal blockchain network," GRAFT expects to undermine existing shipper and POS arrangements by lessening the expenses and affirmation times engaged with transactions.

An oft-criticized region of 'everyday' cryptocurrency utilize, POS transactions as of now bring about significant expenses for the two consumers and merchants.

Consumer-oriented cryptocurrency platinum cards incorporate charges for payment tasks and also caretaker expenses – paying for the benefit of owning the card – and different costs.

Going about as an umbrella outfit, GRAFT will utilize its own decentralized blockchain to process POS transactions in multiple digital forms of money, enabling consumers to utilize a solitary wallet for payments and merchants to save money on charges passed on because of mediators.

The project whitepaper clarifies:

"GRAFT will likewise support bitcoin and a few noteworthy digital forms of money, and in addition cryptographic tokens, as an extra decision for purchasers and an adequate technique for the payoff for merchants. This component will wipe out the requirement for merchants to incorporate with multiple (centralized) payment software providers, and for clients to sign up for centralized services and learn and keep up multiple wallet apps."



GRAFT Transactions

All GRAFT transactions will be real-time (point of sale purchases) or near real-time (“regular” inexpensive, or in some situations even free fund transfers between user wallets). Now, when ICO is finished, we can finally be fully focused on the development of RTA and other important features.

Implementing RTA, however, is not a simple task which requires significant development and testing efforts, and we never promised it will be available at the beginning. Meanwhile, before RTA is available on mainnet, GRAFT wallet users will be able to transfer their GRFT balances between wallets using “traditional”, slow transactions. Such transfer is not available on mainnet for mobile and desktop wallets yet, only on RTA testnet; however, those transfers between mobile and desktop wallets will be available on mainnet by the end of this week.

Note that even now you can use CLI wallet for GRFT transfers by exporting your mobile or desktop wallet and importing it into CLI wallet:

Exporting wallet from mobile/desktop wallet app

To view the mnemonic phrase go to the Settings and press “Show Mnemonic Password” button. The application will ask you to enter your password if the password is correct, you will see the mnemonic phrase.

Installing CLI wallet

See Installing VM and Installing network node and CLI wallet sections of Mining Guide

Importing mobile/desktop wallet into CLI wallet

To restore your wallet via GRAFT CLI, you need to get the mnemonic phrase of your GRAFT wallet and run GRAFT CLI with the following options:

–restore-deterministic-wallet \allow to create wallet from mnemonic phrase

–electrum-seed “” \mnemonic phrase of your Graft wallet


.//graft-wallet-cli –restore-deterministic-wallet –electrum-seed “”


\graft-wallet-cli.exe –restore-deterministic-wallet –electrum-seed “”



  • Real-time authorizations (instant confirmations
  • Debit card linked to multi cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized Gift Certificates, Store Credits, Loyalty Reward
  • Wallet can pay with multiple cryptocurrencies and credit cards
  • Point of Sale accepting multiple cryptocurrenceis and credit cards
  • Separate Authorization and Complete Transactions
  • Point of Sale merchant payouts in local fiat currencies
  • Decentralized Payment Smart Contracts



GRAFT is building a blockchain based network outfitted particularly to Point of Sale (POS) exchanges with cryptocurrencies. GRAFT, which goes about as a middleman to help cryptocurrency clients make Point of Sale (POS) exchanges more inexpensively than with conventional crypto debit cards, has an ICO hard top of $25 million.


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