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Christchurch, New Zealand. By @cnandofer

Lazy bird.

He had always been jealous of the big birds, the ones that could fly to the coldest parts of the sky and were strong enough to grab a fish from the sea, the birds that were capable to get to the end of the world.

He was nothing like that, he was a weak and slow bird that liked to eat fish but didn't have the strength enough to catch it. He used to eat insects from the trees of the rainforest, he would fly around the coast and dream about catching a fish with his claws, but flying was exhausting enough to even try it. The fishes of the sea were strong and stubborn, he would never be able to catch one.

One morning, a big eagle was flying back to the mountains with a big fish in his claws, the fish was big and kept fighting for its life shaking as they went away from the coast. The movements of the fish loosen the grip of the eagle which made it slip through its nails. The fish fell from a very high point into the middle of the forest, the lazy bird was sure that it died immediately.

That was his opportunity to eat a fish and he wouldn't let it go. He knew that the eagle wouldn't go inside of the forest looking between the trees for the dead fish. The eagle may even just go back to the sea looking for another fish, he thought.

He flew into the forest moving from tree to tree scanning the ground looking for the fish. As lazy as he was, he stopped searching for the fish after few minutes. What he found instead what something much more interesting and profitable for him.

Fat fish.

She was a big fish with a strong body, in part because of her pleasure on swimming upstream; which was like a daily training, and because of the better food that she could find high on the mountain.

She knew the river pretty well from the waterfall deep on the rainforest through the rapids, the rocks; where she used to lay her eggs, and she even made it few times all the way to the ocean just to realize that she couldn't bear the salty taste of the water.

She was fascinated by the layer of air on top of the river, she knew that she could not survive on it since she once jumped out of the water for some excruciating seconds were she felt that her body was not working properly. In any case, she often questioned herself about what could be on the other side of the air layer.

The water of the river was colder than usual at this time of the year, she was swimming downstream when a couple of animals broke into the river and started to move around her. She followed the feet to the distorted figures of the big animals outside of the water.

It was in the water and in the air at the same time, she could not understand how can it be possible, it should be some kind of superior creature, there was no other explanation.

She was exploring the hairy part of the body that was under the water when a shiny object came straight to hit her. She was fast enough to move, but the sharp object scratched her back, bringing a thunder of pain to her body.

She was in danger, she didn't know why but the godly animals were trying to kill her, maybe she shouldn't have swim upstream... That must be what made the gods angry with her.

She knew the river better than any other fish and knew that she had no place to go because the gods had her against the rocks, swimming upstream was hard with her injury and what was brought the wrath of the gods against her in the first place.

Sharp objects keep falling down to water, she knew that she had only one option. The rocks behind her blocked the way because the level of the river was to low. She could jump the rocks and with some luck, the water was high enough so she could dive in the water after the bank of rocks. Swimming downstream, she could get to the sea where would be easier to hide from this powerful creatures.

She swam to the deepest point of the river and with all her strength and avoiding the sharp objects that kept falling at her swam up to the layer of air until her body brake the water. The pain from her injury and the intolerable feeling of being out of the water were only bearable, because of the notion that she had while flying over the river. She will make it across the bank of rocks and the river was high enough on the other side.

Lazy bird.

He was on a branch of a tree after giving up from the search of the falling fish when he noticed the group of weird animals. Animals that he didn't see before in his life.

They walked in two feet like him but they didn't have wings. Instead, they have another two feet that the used to hold wooden extensions that ended in a shiny object.

They seemed to be dancing on the river with their feet extensions when a big fat fish jumped out of the water. It was at the top of his jump when the biggest of the weird animals threw his feet extension to it. The sharpy object went through the fish and the extension ended up at the side of the river with the fat fish moving as trying to swim for the last seconds of its life.

The group of animals gather to eat the fish and left the rests on the floor where he was able to eat all the parts of the fish that the big animals didn't eat.

After that day, he followed the big animals day and night eating the leftovers of anything that they eat. He worshiped them for giving him food and feared them for all the different animals that they were able to kill. He would never get too close to them and they would never notice him. He was lazy, but not stupid.

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