Go on... Show people what you’re made of!

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To go viral, get personal… You are the guts behind what you say and do on the internet.

Look deep into yourself:

Your life must have been exciting in some way or other, surely! Done somethings no one else has experienced or seen. 

Okay, perhaps not in the terms of someone who is famous and how they got famous. But stop and think about how it happened for them. 

  1. Most times it is through something they loved doing. 
  2. And it was something little, a tipping point, that turned their lives around. 
  3. And how they went about it, is the clue to their fame. 

It’s personality ethos:

Your inner spirit is what counts. All it needs is an awakening, to turn your posts into something that will go viral! 

  • Full it with hope, love and happiness. Think exciting, look at life in a more dynamic dramatic way. 
  • You need that power to push you into doing fantastic things.
  • Don’t worry about those niggling negative things. Treat them like flies. Swat them away. 
  • Prepare yourself to walk onto the stage of real life. 

Your behaviour and character counts! 

  • Play it big time. Throw your charm into the mix. 
  • Be sensational in the way you dress, speak and perform. 
  • Be decisive. Think big and bold. Way-out there `beyond the breakers’ (negative opposition). 

Your experiences:

  • What have you done in your life, that you could write about?
  • What talents and skills do you have that you could use? 
  • Have you traveled or lived in different places? 
  • What are the funny things that happened in your life? 
  • What funny or shocking things do you see happening around you? 

How will you express that?

  • Look back on how you felt about those things that happened. 
  • Transmit those feeling into your writing. 
  • Use powerful emotional words to express what happened. 
  • Make them more powerful, by cutting out useless words in your sentences. 
  • Be inspiring. Write with enthusiasm and delight. 

You’re really a cool dude!

Think it. Act it. Promote it in the way you write and post your blogs, etc. 

  • Don’t worry about the mistakes you’ve made in life. In fact tell people how you overcame them. 
  • Often it’s the same mistakes other people make. And by your positive action, they feel they too can achieve things like you have. 
  • A confession goes a long way in people trusting you. They will see the funny side of it and have a good laugh.  
  • But seriously, they take note of how you achieved your goals in spite of all the opposition you had to go through. 
  • Popularity comes through your honesty and projection of what makes you tick. 
  • Those inspiring experiences touch people like no other, because it gives them hope. 
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That right just do it


Live a life you always wanted. And have fun while you're doing it, hey!
Putting the `breathe of life' into what we do.

Awesome post:) it's great to think good of ourselves and it comes off in our posts or whatever we are doing for sure! I have been taking this all into account over the past month or so and I am finally getting a bit more attention to my posts, which is great! :D


It's wonderful when you get a comment like yours. It makes writing blogs all worth it, when you hear someone say it has helped them with what they do too. Thank you.
And if we don't think we're great ourselves, no one else will too! Our enthusiasm rubs off on others.

Yeah, when you work hard day and night. Something amazing will happen and people will admire it.


It's not only that we work hard, but the way we work and express ourselves.

I enjoy reading this incentive post, my post my really go viral If I should adopt this point you have listed in your post. Experience could serve as a powerful motivation in writing.


The power we feel within ourselves is a very motivating drive.
Often we think we are just little guys out there and perhaps what we do isn't much. But it is, when we put our energy behind it.

Your all posts always valuable. You always trying your best. God gives you best reward of your hardworking. Thanks for sharing this great post.@artguru.


Thank you.
I think my best comes from all the years of learning from my mistakes!

Great post. Before my behaviour tends to move people away from me but since i discovered your behaviour count and i have tried to adjust my behaviour towards people, i tend to attract more people to me than before


When you're a happy bubbly person, people want something of that too. It can be infectious, just like a virus spreads!!

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Thanks for keeping tabs on me...

Go out there and show them what you get


What you get from going viral?!

ok, i will show anyone but i will think first


Yip, it wise to think `before you leap!'

Beleive in yourself and do what you know how to do best, be creative and artistic in your ideas and always follow you passion in life to be successful @artguru


For me, its more than believing now... I'm in the grove... Can't stop what I do... it's already in my blood! :)

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Thank you for the motivation. Yes, I shouldn't worry about the negatives. I should press towards what's deep inside my spirit, the love and joy and let it come forth:))

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